• Racist and Ageist

    Voter ID laws have predominately cropped up in Republican held states. With the fact that the convicted fraud is at a rate is .00000013 (only 24 cases in the US) it appears that there isn’t a real problem at all. 60% of 18-24 year olds, and 98% of people of color vote Democrat. It’s no coincidence that these two groups have higher rates of not having proper identification as defined by these laws.

  • Not for me

    Voter ID laws are only keeping people we don't want to vote from voting across the board. It isn't about race, it is about resources. It is perfectly fine to decide that we don't want people who are poor or who can't drive from voting. Really, we need to start having a test granting the right people the ability to vote.

  • Of course not

    If you are helping decide the leader of the most powerful country you should be citizen and know basic facts. Thats not racist its common sense. People just want to silence the other side because they know tat they are right. How is it really racist? I mean come on

  • Is Voter I.D. Racist

    Voter I.D. Isn't racist. It's keeping people from voting for someone else. You are you our not someone else. People that think that when you vote you have to show some type of I.D, is racist are extremely ignorant. You need to show some type of a I.D. In some states.

  • How hard is it to get an ID?

    They pro argument to the left (that's convenient) seems to be making some sort of implied point that 18-24 year olds and black people have a hard time getting id's or something? Nobody is discriminating against them anymore than they would be discriminating by saying that people who want to drive need to have a license. But that's not fair, because people 18-24 and black people have a hard time getting id's or something, so we should just let them drive anyways, even though we are not sure they are qualified to do so.

    Voting is something that requires qualification. You need to be a valid citizen of the United States to participate in decisions regarding its welfare. It is not racist to make sure that you meet the qualifications before you perform the task. The standard response from the left when ever they don't agree with a proposal is to call the other side racist. That is officially proven today. There is absolutely nothing racist about being required to show id. In order to argue the point of racism, you would need to prove that certain races are given preferential treatment in this case. As far as I know, everyone would be required to show id. How is this in any way shape or form racist? Well, it's not, that's just the common bully tactic and the new way some people try to employ to win any argument.

    What's racist is NOT requiring people to show id for the statistic that "peepette" in which he said that 98% of black people vote democrat, and they statistically have higher rates of not having proper identification, so we should require ids because black people are more likely not to have them. Well...That's showing preferential treatment towards a specific race. And by definition, that's racist.

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