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  • Yes, voter turnout is an issue in U.S. Elections

    I believe voter turnout is an issue in U.S. Elections, because not enough people choose to be apart of voting. It was said that over 90 million people who are eligible to vote would more than likely not end up voting for 2012's presidential race. A lot of people just don't care or want to take the time out of their day to bother making a difference for their country, state or city. A lot of people just aren't interested in politics so the turnout for people wanting to vote isn't as high as it could be.

  • Yes, voter turnout is always a concern

    I feel that voter turnout is an issue in all U.S. elections because the specific groups of voters can make all the difference in the outcome of elections. However, I think both parties do a diligent job during their campaigns at getting the word out to their base to go out and vote.

  • Yes, it is.

    I feel like in state and local elections, voter turn out is definitely a problem. It seems that most people choose not to educate themselves on state and local issues as much as federal issues. There seems to be a decent turn out for presidential elections, even this year with Hurricane Sandy affecting the east coast.

  • I'ts not an issue, people vote if they want to

    Although our government is run by a republican system of democracy, that doesn't mean that people should be forced to participate, especially if they are uninformed. Vast swaths of people choose not to participate in our governmental system, and that's their right. Forcing them to vote wouldn't improve the system, because they don't care enough about the system to make sure it runs well.

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