• Voting Cannot Be a Right

    Voting is a tangible which requires registration, therefore it cannot be a right. Intangibles such as speech, association, opinion, self-defense, due process, etc. are natural rights because they (theoretically) cannot be taken away since the government does not provide them.

    Tangibles, on the other hand, are privileges granted by the government. These include driver's licenses, marriage licenses, voter registrations, public assistance programs, etc.

    Only law-abiding citizens, preferably those who pay taxes since they have a greater vested interest in government accountability, should be allowed to vote.

  • Definitely a priviledge

    Voting is definitely a priviledge, not a right. While a priviledge can be taken away, a right never can. Therefore, in my opinion, those who abuse the rights of others - taking away the life, liberty or ability for someone to pursue happiness, should not be allowed to vote, making it a priviledge.

  • Not every citizen can vote for a reason

    If voting is a right and not a privilege, then even criminals would be allowed to vote on matters even though they have violated the law and simultaneously gotten rid of their privileges but nit their rights and so if they cant vote then it is considered a privilege, not a right.

  • Yes

    It should be a privilege because if you do something that you should not do because you made a bad decision than you should have that privilege taken away. Voting should be much more respected and the ability to do it should be a bigger deal. We need to place a greater importance in that everyone votes.

  • Voting is Not a Right

    Voting is a tangible requiring registration and therefore a privilege. A right is anything intangible such as speech, association, opinion, self-defense, freedom from unreasonable searches and seizures, freedom from self-incrimination, due process, etc. These are intangible natural rights which (theoretically) cannot be taken away since government does not provide them.

    Privileges, on the other hand, are tangible benefits the government bestows upon the People such as driver's licenses, marriage licenses, voter registrations, public assistance programs, etc. These cannot be rights because they are tangibles requiring meeting specific criteria. Voting should absolutely be restricted to law-abiding citizens and preferably to citizens who actually pay taxes who have a greater vested interest in government accountability.

  • Voting is a privilege - not a right

    There are only three basic inalienable rights. The right to life, liberty and the pursuit of that which the individual freely determines enhances life. These rights are contingent on the assumption that they do not reasonably infringe on the rights of others. All public behavior in society requires considerable qualification due to the profound effect our actions have on others. There is nothing that impacts society more than selecting qualified representatives because it is precisely these representatives who we entrust to uphold critical values upon which a responsible society is founded. We qualify individuals in all areas of our society from our healthcare to law enforcement to equipment and machinery operators. In regards to voting at least the same consideration should be given to a more rigorous qualification process than simply attaining some arbitrary age.

  • Voting is a privilege

    While there are amendments to the Constitution that state your right to vote cannot be.... It is still not a right. The reason being is that a right cannot be infringed upon in any circumstance. Your voting ability can be infringed upon. In certain states you lose your ability to vote if you are a convict. That would me you lose the PRIVILEGE to vote.

  • No natural rights exist for a non-natural entity

    First, it does not matter that voting is not listed in the Bill of Rights. In the Federalist Papers, arguments were made against even having a Bill of Rights, because the Constitution itself upheld all natural rights as intrinsic. Of course you can own a gun, for example, you may need it to defend life.

    The United States Government, however, is not a 'natural' entity like life. It is a man-made edifice, a contract between the lawmakers and the governed. As such, the 'government' entity can make its own rules. Our way of governance is so strongly revered because those in power are contractually obligated to protect the rights of those who are not. We now demand, as powerless people, that our system of governance is just. That does not force the hand of the government, however, to recognize the eligibility to vote, in a contract that they have created, to be a right. Furthermore, because the US Government is 'made up', voting within it can not by definition be considered a 'natural, God given' right such as those for defense, free speech, or security of one's private property.

  • It is a prividlege

    If voting were a right it would be enumerated in the BILL OF RIGHTS -- the fact that some people are (or were) denied the ability to vote do to: race, religion, creed, criminal record, or other factors shows that the ability to vote is dictated by a persons ability to maintain certain status in life, and is therefore by definition a PRIVLIDGE

  • 1920, 19th Amendment

    The Elector Qualifications Clause left it up to the discretion of the states, to establish qualifications for voting. If voting were a natural right, it would have been established in the Bill of Rights. We the people have actually amended the Constitution to broaden the qualifications for voting. To this day, states can deny your qualifications to vote based upon your age, and criminal record.

  • No, voting is a right.

    The constitution was created for the people's rights so the government would not be able to take over. We are a DEMOCRACY. Therefore, the people rule. If voting was a privilege today then we would still be fighting for civil rights now wouldn't we? Again, civil RIGHTS. Women's RIGHTS. The RIGHT to bare arms, all these are found in the constitution. Aren't they all our rights. We are not handed privileges by our government. This is not in any way a dictatorship.

  • No

    I believe it is a Right. You can't pick and choose who gets to pick and choose people. There is already enough corruption and I believe that doing something like this. Taking away peoples rights to vote would further increase corruption. Simply because the government would have an easier time targeting those people.

  • No, voting is not a privilege, it is a right.

    No, I do not believe that voting is a privilege, I think that it is a right. In the United States at one point in time, the country was much more biased and prejudiced than it is now. During this time, many people were not entitled to basic rights that every citizen of a free country should be entitled to, like voting. African Americans and women did not always have the vote to right, and at that point in time, the backwards thinking was that voting was a privilege. In any country in the world, voting should be considered a right, not a privilege that only some citizens can enjoy.

  • Voting Should Be a Right

    A Person who is convicted is legally denied to vote in India, Which is wrong it goes against the principle of natural justice. A person should be punished one time for his offense not many times. Why should he be deprived of his right to vote, whether the people who are not convicted or others are perfectly good and they can enjoin the right to vote? This ruling deprives the human rights, it makes his political rights nil... Please do think and they do have right to vote .. Voting is right and it should not be a privilege

    Stalin B

  • Voting is not a privilege

    Voting is a right because things are not just handed to people they have to earn their rights. In most of the amendment, it states you have the RIGHT to do something, not the privilege. If you think it is a privilege think again was your job just handed to you no it was not you had to earn it. Just like people all over the world had to earn the right to vote.The Fifteenth states that "[t]he right of citizens of the United States to vote" can't be abridged by race; the Nineteenth says that the same right can't be abridged by sex; the Twenty-Fourth says that "the right of citizens of the United States to vote" in federal elections can't be blocked by a poll tax

  • Voting is a right.

    While there are those that will and have said voting is a privilege, I offer this to counter: voting is an inherent right granted to every united states born citizen. Yes there is support in favor of the privilege because the states can remove your right if you commit a crime. The states would be wrong and unconstitutional to do so however.

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  • I think it is a right

    I think it is a right because it says in the constitution at least 5 times it says voting is a right. Also privilege means the special right and right means freedom and having a choice. Voting is a right and it will never be a privilege it is true

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  • Voting is a right and not a privilege and we should obey that!!!

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