• Everyone thinks voting is important

    I have learned enough to know that voting just gives is the illusion of choice. We don't truly have a choice, Because no one who is elected is allowed to actually effect change, Even if they are someone who desires real change. Election day is ridiculous because everyone thinks they are having an effect on our system. It would need to change drastically for our votes to really mean anything

  • Voting is an illusion of choice

    There really isn't a choice. All politicians are the same, They are all bought and sold by whoever has the money. Even those with good intentions soon realize the political machine doesn't allow for them to change anything. I refuse to participate in the political machine. And I won't be shamed for it.

  • Satan is the ruler of this world

    The only thing that makes change in this world is money/mammon and murdering people in your way. The "illuminati"/Beast runs this system. All voting does is show your falling for the illusion of freedom. Just focus on yourself and try to avoid being wicked like the majority of people living.

  • It won’t make a change.

    The only way to change anything in this country/world is to focus on yourself and shut out the outside nonsense. Voting is a waste of energy because the people you vote for are puppets run by people with more money than any of us. Money runs politics. Money is evil. Focus on yourself. Change yourself. Forget voting, It’s a waste of time, Energy, And money.

  • Voting by the ballot is pointless. However, Voting with your dollar, Time, And energy aren't. Corporations bribe politicians for a reason.

    Instead of wasting time going to the ballot box where the individual is powerless people should focus more on where they spend their dollar and where and how they spend their time since people actually have power over both their hard earned money and their time.

    Another example where voting proves to be absolutely useless is regarding local congress people and judges since many judges and local congress people often run unopposed and federal judges have life time appointments.

  • All the same

    EVERY SINGLE ONE is the same as the next one. I think that this is an easy answer that they are pointless and don't matter that much. Lots of other stuff are far more useful things like food and water ext. Politics are THE most useless things ever in this world

  • You can't have a convincing election without the trust of the people. . .

    Only like 20 percent. . . . Of the USA population trust the government. . . Elections are only effective with trust. . . The divide will only widen if trust is not rebuilt. . It will take time and a great deal of effort to earn that trust back. . . Elections are just adding salt to an open wound. .

  • It's pointless because. . .

    It's often not a fair vote plain and simple. In many supposedly fair western democracies instances of gerrymandering and election fraud are proven and on record. Constituencies/States/regions are 'tweaked' for result. In nearly all electoral systems (PR, FPP etc etc) votes are wasted, Not counted or omitted etc. The idea that every vote counts even if held up in theory simply isn't true in reality. However regardless of all of this voting is pointless for other reasons. Namely we vote in representatives who are under no obligation to vote the way we would like or even how they stated they would. Even then one can argue how much power does a representative actually wield in say a modern capitalist democracy? In a presidential system one might easily argue it's very limited (particularly in our current climate) and in a prime ministerial example (even one with rigorous checks and balances) one cannot discount the power of unelected officials often involved far too closely with policy such as in the case of the UK it's senior civil servants. Furthermore we have the role of corporations, Pressure and focus groups and powerful media organisations. Why are they linked to why voting is pointless to the individual? Well I think perhaps that's better answered if you do the research yourself. . .

  • People aren't informed enough to make important decisions that involve the rest of the country.

    People who actually are and take the time to actually get informed, get buried in the dust. People don't know what they want. The majority will never be represented correctly even if every single person in the country went to vote simply because this country is not a direct democracy. The truth is, the common people don't get a voice in this country, so there's no point in crying over people who don't go out to vote because those are the people who aren't naive enough to believe everything they're told, especially by their own government. The government doesn't care about you and politicians never will.

  • If voting changed something it would be illegal

    Most politicians are just corrupt liars and thieves. The founding fathers had good intentions in making a republic however the problem of voting is that politicians can lie to the people just to get votes and do not truly represent the people. Government gives people the illusion that they're free by having elections but in the end we're stuck with one of the two parties who are similar but have slight differences.

  • Founding fathers actual intention

    The founding fathers did not create a democracy to make sure everyone was represented, but rather to prevent the "stupid" majority from being represented. If you've noticed our government is the least bit democratic and actually is set up that way so that change is resistant to happen, such as the check and balance system. With gerrymandering, super delegates, and lobbyists the true vote of the people is merely always misrepresented. You are but one of many fooled Americans believing we actually have a choice when it comes to government.

  • The founding fathers used their wisest judgement

    And they found that the people want what the people want. If we want to make a majority happen, a vote needs to take place. They established voting in almost every single important position, and action in our country and it makes it so the majority of the country is always happy. We take votes in classrooms, with family and friends. Voting is never pointless, by definition, because you are always deciding what the majority believes.
    Americans need to take state and federal elections more seriously because when you refuse to vote, you are wasting that poll because the majority might not be represented correctly. If you feel strongly about something, take the time to vote, or you're digging your own grave.

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