• Yes, truly worth it.

    A president only has as much power and an image as lively as the people who voted him/her in. Neglection in our political matters would make us look even worse as a country, as we are already shrouded in stereotypes. Besides, if we ignore our government, our goverment will choose to ignore us.

  • Yes, truly worth it.

    A president only has as much power and an image as lively as the people who voted him/her in. Neglection in our political matters would make us look even worse as a country, as we are already shrouded in stereotypes. Besides, if we ignore our government, our goverment will choose to ignore us.

  • It's what we can do

    Voting is worth it because it's the easiest and safest way to change a political system. Without a vote, the only options are to accept the way things are or try more violent means, and both of those can have severe consequences in the long run. Sometimes it may seem worthless to vote, but then that should just encourage us to fight back against those that try to make us feel like it's not worth it.

  • Yes it is important.

    Voting is very important and it is worth it. It is what makes this country so great, we have the opportunity to vote for whomever we like and can't get in trouble for who we vote for or who we support. Not everyone has the right to vote for what they believe in, so it is a vital part of the democracy that we live in.

  • Yes, voting is the root of democracy and has a significant impact

    I believe that voting is most definitely worth it because it gives each citizen the opportunity to voice their opinion about how their state and country is governed. Many people around the world are currently fighting just to achieve the right to vote, and many Americans before us have given their lives so that we may have this right.

  • Never going to be worth it.

    Not much changes no matter who we pick. Debates have turned into reality TV show were they argue to see who has made mistakes in the past and bring them up to humiliate each other. Also why can't we vote for the candidates? Two choices is no where near enough

  • Too much money in politics.

    I used to vote in every election, but not any more. The Citizens United decision basically guarantees that the needs of 99% of Americans will never be considered by any viable candidate. To stand any chance of election, a candidate must be so deeply entrenched in the status quo. We used to have a two-party system, now we only have a false choice between two right-wing parties.

  • Pick the least worst person and hope for the best. Sound cool?

    Heres a fun thought - pick the least worst fallible human being to represent your ideals, whether they truly represent you or not. This person makes too much money to understand the average struggles of everyday life, and first and foremost theyre out to promote themselves. Every politician ive talked to had the attitude and body language of "me first". Take all this and hope that they dont change their focus or flip their side on an issue, which happens all the time. If they change their opinion on an issue but you votedor them before the fact, guess what - youre now supporting the side of an issue you disagree with. Also hope that they vote with the popular vote, which also doesn't happen surprisingly often. Also keep in mind that your vote in a heavily populated state like California is worth much less than a vote in say Montana or Wyoming. One more thing to keep in mind is that at least half of Americans dont vote already, so give me a reason to drag my 2 kids to a voting booth so that a rich guy can vote for his own interests despite my ballot representing my own. Dint evem get me started on Jerrymandering, ill never understand how that is legal, its straight up cheating, no matter which way you slice it.

  • Not worth it at all

    The electoral college has the final say and they can vote for whomever they like. This means that even if WE the people choose someone, they can still chose any of the other people. There have been examples of the president with popular vote loosing and vice versa, so you decide if its really worth all the trouble of voting.

  • Their all bad

    Its like standing in front of the candy machine when there isn't really anything good to eat in there. But your still hungry so you don't pick from what's good but rather eliminate the bad stuff one by one and what your left with is your pick even though it still isn't really that good. If things haven't changed for the better after all this time no matter who you vote for, it will not make any difference now because their all bad.

  • Look around you

    All you need to do is examine how the quality of education, the economy, our sense of morals, and our liberty have all been in a steep decline for a while now. It becomes clear that this voting system is rigged for the rich sociopathic corporate scumbags. Does voting work? Look around you. You happy with what you see? Case closed

  • Money is where it's at

    Money > Citizens. That about sums up politics. Oh and nothing against religion, but politics is influenced by religion, which I think is wrong. Not giving other people rights they deserve because, for example, their lifestyle doesn't agree with your little "book" is a bunch of crap. Politics is pretty useless.

  • Not worth supporting an entirely corrupt system

    I don't vote for several reasons. Firstly the politicians. For all of them who have been caught cheating or illegally running their campaign, you have to wonder how many are running rampant. Even the most beloved honest politicians like Chris Christie was caught cheating which means you can't trust even the kindest seemingly whole hearted politicians. Secondly, the fact that the voting machines are run by two giant corporations of which the CEOs are not only brothers but are large contributors to the same political sides rubs me the wrong way, especially when you take into consideration that these machines not only malfunction frequently but also eliminate a paper record meaning a recount is completely useless and unreliable. Third, being from Wisconsin, we have protested for weeks and nothing happened, we started a petition to recall Walker and had way more than enough signatures to at least consider a vote on it and nothing g happened. In my opinion, Voting is just a false sense of accomplishment for Americans to boast about for one day and completely unfair to the people because the electoral college lowers the value of many voices. The only way to change is to show that we don't support this system or the lawless hounds running it and our lives.

  • Electoral College needs to go away.

    Electoral College. These two words are the reason why voting is not worth the effort. Having officials be designated as points toward a larger game makes the general popular vote meaningless. Those running only care to please the officials and truly care less for the common man. Heck, the officials do not even have to vote with the popular voting making the majority's voice not heard. Useless system that is easily corrupted.

  • Vote 'Yes' or vote 'No', only. What if I have my own thoughts?

    the problems with the voting system in the united states are myriad, to pretend that there are no problems is not to have done your homework, or to prefer living in a fantasy. one has to admit that there is a problem before it can be addressed and admitting that there is a problem is never fun.
    The Electoral college is a pre-digital technology dinosaur, it's a holdover from a time when there was no way to count all the popular votes, but it is absolutely only the representation of democracy, it is NOT democracy it's self. The Electoral college renders the popular vote impotent. On top of that it leads to an immense imbalance in the just and equal consideration of the will of each citizen. So, even IF the representatives of every state voted with the popular vote (and they don't, go find out for yourself) it would still not be a representation of the will of the people. And then there is the the issue of super delegates. All of these issues you can research on your own and you should. This issue doesn't need ME to convince others that it's true, it can stand the test of your own skeptical inquiry and I encourage your skepticism because skepticism makes for a strong mind.
    I implore you to study it however and once you are convinced to fully support the abolishment of the electoral college, and superdelegates.

    I want to be part of an actual real democracy, that's exciting. I wish America had one.

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