• Wal-Mart is a bully

    Wal-Mart is a bully because it forcing companies to do what they what want them to do and not paying them a good amount for their product. They also treat workers poorly and do not give them a good enough pay. People are losing their jobs due to Wal-Mart closing down businesses.

  • Yes, Walmart is bad for America.

    Wal-Mart has repeatedly been caught in unfair practices. The employees of Wal-Mart are not paid fairly. The company is huge but they do not make a regular practice of giving full time hours or benefits. They have been known to buy from start up business and then when it is time to renew the contract they cut the price they are willing to pay for the product so that in the end the small American business owner is no longer making a profit. The unions are against Wal-Mart for a reason.

  • The Destruction of the American Dream

    To put it bluntly, Wal-Mart is both good and bad for America. However, the negative greatly outweighs the positive. The positives are few and far between, namely in the low everyday prices and the convenience of having everything you need under one roof. The negatives are massive. One, Wal-Mart typically uses overseas outlets to produce their products, which takes away manufacturing and production jobs here in America. They also ignore what goes on at some of their factories, as evidenced by the fire at one in Bangladesh. Two, Wal-Mart has driven many small businesses out of towns across the country, annihilating what was once "the American Dream" and destroying the neighborly customer service we came to know and love. They've replaced it by a corporate mentality that has no understanding of what goes on at the store level and pushes ludicrous policies upon drones that are paid minimum wage, as opposed to allowing people to earn money by working to the best of their ability. Three, this corporate ridiculousness has no limits. Wal-Mart has, on multiple occasions, fired security guards for apprehending shoplifters, saying that they "didn't treat the customer in a proper way." As shoplifters are not customers - rather thieves - it goes to show that Wal-Mart is mostly afraid of getting sued, so they allow criminal acts to happen in stores. In one incident in Layton, Utah in February 2011, three security guards and an assistant manager were all fired for restraining a shoplifter with a gun - corporate policy dictated that, for the safety of the patrons, he was to be let loose in the store with his loaded pistol. That goes beyond stupid and unsafe. In the end, it is this killing of "the American Dream" that makes Wal-Mart bad for this country. Sure, some may call it "progress" or "survival of the fittest," but Wal-Mart is costing people jobs, outsourcing production elsewhere, encouraging crime, and being a blight to society. It is places like Wal-Mart offering deals that gets people riled up and excited, sometimes violent, like when a Black Friday mob trampled an innocent Wal-Mart employee so they could get the best deals. Wal-Mart is a trendsetter in the retail corporate world. They were one of the first to decide to open on Thanksgiving, and are killing that holiday. They caused several small businesses to close, even with subsidiary Sam's Club proclaiming that it was "in business for small business" - a contradiction to what the corporation did in the first place. To be truthful, Wal-Mart only seeks to make money and doesn't care about the happiness of its employees or customers. That's a step backward from the '50s and '60s, when small businesses were the place to go. Sure, those were more expensive and less convenient, but we've taken the route of cheap and easy, for what cost?

  • Forceful transactions are shit.

    Many of Wal-Mart's sales are brought from forceful buying of goods from the- market. They force socks to be sold at such price for such quantity that harms the income of potential sellers. Yes people may say that Wal-Mart is good for the low income families that want good quality at reasonable prices but at the risk of other companies going bankrupt or shipping jobs to other countries because Wal-Mart doesn't wanna pay the certain amount for a certain amount of goods. This company's way of dealing their goods is horrible and the government needs to step in and do something about this. Or a change of mind for their corporate side

  • Wal-Mart is bad for America.

    Wal-Mart is bad for America because it takes jobs from Americans and gives them to the Chinese, reducing jobs here. Wal-Mart does not pay its employees fairly, only minimum wage, and the work hours are crazy, and Wal-Mart is slowly crushing America's shopping centers with all of their outrageous low prices.

  • Wal-Mart is promoting outsourcing of American jobs.

    They, believe it or not, started outsourcing for many companies. In the 80s, they came up with a demand called "a low price standard". That means that they "need" goods to be ridiculously cheap in order to sell them at their prices. Unfortunately, the reality is that their prices still have an 80% markup, so they make ridiculous amounts of money, claiming that they are making people's lives better. The low price standard forces companies to outsource jobs to third world countries so that they can pay less for labor, which decreases American jobs while increasing Wal-Mart's profit.

  • Chinese Junk

    The largest importer of cheap junk made by children in slave shops. They import more of this junk than all the other stores combined. People wonder where all the jobs went and will still shop at Walmart. They try to force people to work overtime, and don't pay them extra wages for the overtime hours.

  • Its bad for america

    Its where all the cheapies go and they don't have good brands. Its so stupid bc they don't even sell the right kind of shoesm. They have offbrand shoes that look like nike and adidas and yeezies. The bread goes to waste to fast. Their just a pile of shit waiting to be picked up

  • Walmart is Garbage.

    They support communist China and enslave the population of foreign countries to get cheaper prices than over here in America. Because apparently making a profit is more important than actually helping the economy and making jobs. Because Walmart's jobs are low wage, low benefit, and worse than many of the other jobs that these people once had. Which they lost because of Walmart and their tendency to run out businesses.

  • Walmart is a horrible place for workers.

    NEW YORK (CNNMoney) — Some aggravated Walmart workers and their advocates have a slew of grievances. And for the third year in a row, they will air them on one of the busiest shopping days: Black Friday. Walmart employees argue that they are underpaid, overworked, and disrespected. Although my opponents may say that Walmart creates jobs, those jobs are bad to work, and are not paid well.

    Walmart employee, Shomari Lewis, and several other employees say that they have seen an increase of the work, but no increase in pay to compensate for it.

    The company uses foreign labor, which eliminated or displaced almost half a million (400,000) jobs between 2001 and 2013, according to an estimate by the Economic Policy Institute. These jobs represent 13% of the jobs displaced over those same years, which is around 416 thousand jobs. (Information from nytimes)

    The company forces workers to work part time so that they don’t have to pay the employees benefits. (NY Times)

    Wal-Mart is a bully because it forcing companies to do what they what want them to do and not paying them a good amount for their product. They also treat workers poorly and do not give them a good enough pay. People are losing their jobs due to Wal-Mart closing down businesses.

    Wal-Mart causes many problems for the economy. A recent USA Today article reported that 70% of its merchandise is imported from China. Consequently, fewer sales of U.S. goods hurts our economy. Much of Wal-Mart’s infamy comes from the way it stamps out competitors. According to one Michigan news source, when K-Mart filed for bankruptcy in 2002 and closed over 600 stores nationwide, the major cause was pressure from nearby stores, mainly Wal-Mart. Studies have shown that when Wal-Mart moves into a town, the life expectancy of local businesses decreases.

    You would think that Wal-Mart would take care of its suppliers, but it doesn’t. They often pressure suppliers to lower prices, which causes suppliers to lose money. If a company refuses to lower the price, Wal-Mart will buy elsewhere. According to Fast Company magazine, Vlasic, who supplies Wal-Mart with pickles, was forced to lower the price of their 12-pound pickle jar to $2.97. Sales soared, but because of the low price, Vlasic lost millions.

  • Provides low income families with affordable high quality products

    Many "anti-walmart" activists come from higher income lifestyle. This is because they have the luxury to shop at the more picturesque mom and pop stores. The families without these luxuries may be forced to shop where they can afford the products whether they like it or not. As for Walmart not supporting their workers with as nice of wages and befits as they could, this is because Walmart is very dedicated to their goal of supplying the average middle American with the lowest price they can achieve. In addition, the average employee still makes more then they would earn at an alternative job at that level.

  • Educate yourselves before blasting your ignorant opinions all over the web.

    If you were to read Sam Walton's Made in America, it is a fabulous account of how Walmart started and how it reached the point it is at today. Sam Walton started out with a small store and had to compete with huge companies that were actually implementing all of the negative things you guys are claiming about Walmart. Through great company values they overcame competition and became who they are today. Now there are some negative aspects of the current Walmart, but up till the late 90s there code of ethics and growth as a company was quite impressive. Negative things since then have come, but people should not claim hideous things about Walmart without first educating themselves.

  • You Can't Have Your Cake and Eat It Too

    WalMart might be responsible for closing a "Mom & Pop" store, but then look at the jobs it creates! How many cashiers did M&P employ? 2, 5? How many stockers? 1, 3? Managers? Truck drivers? Construction workers? Engineers/architects? Plumbers? ALL LOCAL!

    Goods produced in China? - Yes, now they are! But does anyone remember when WalMart touted "Made In America"?! The Liberal Left had fits! "Isolationists!", "That's offensive to other countries!", and the best one, "What's the Big Deal?!" Well, THERE'S your Big Deal! You can't whine about foreign produced products AND American Made! Idiots! And you can't persecute WalMart's pay practices while benefitting from the low cost of their goods!

    So if the whiney Liberal Left has it their way, WalMart would;
    - Construct & operate stores with no impact on the environment
    - Price their goods in a non-competitive manner
    - Pay their employees high wages with full health/medical/dental insurance
    - Pay above market-value for goods produced only in the U.S.
    - Operate in a manner to minimize profits

    What else ya want? - I know! How about a "Free Day" where everyone can just walk in and take anything they want?! How awesome would that be for today's self-entitled spoiled "Me" Generation of knowitall Brats? Yeah, that'll teach big ol' mean profitable corporations like WalMart, amirite. LOL!

  • The question (Is Wal-Mart bad for the U.S. economy)

    You say Wal-Mart might provide low income families with cheap goods. Well that sounds right but the question wasn't about individuals, its about the U.S. Economy. In the long run Wal-Mart is killing the economy, destroying businesses and such things. I blame Wal-Mart for our debt to China. The End.

  • They have great prices, sales, and products.

    Wal-Mart isn't bad for America because people are able to buy things for cheap. People also can find many things they need inside of Wal-Mart and they sell it for a fair price, or it's usually sometimes on sale. Without Wal-Mart, people wouldn't be able to really find things to buy.

  • Walmart has low prices, gives jobs and is reliable

    Walmart has extremely low prices and amazing sales at times (which I <3) and for struggling families in the U.S.A it helps. Walmart also gives jobs (be it may that they have horrible pay and dreadful hours) but they still have jobs! Walmart is also very reliable and family friendly.

  • It's Not Walmart, It's the Idea Behind It

    How can we claim a place is bad for America? It's the idea behind a place that's bad...and those ideas spring from its leader. So, perhaps it's not Walmart that's bad for America, but the type of "leadership" behind the company. As a man thinks so he is and does, another type of leaders could do wonders with it.

  • Overall no

    I hate Wal-Mart and refuse to step into one after how miserable my last and final experience was, but many don't share that sentiment. It provides lots of (crappy) jobs and services that clearly are valued by many given how popular it is, the company honestly is kind of monstrous but they're how a lot of people thrive.

  • Locals blame Wal-Mart

    Locals blame Wal-Mart for the closing of Ray's Food Market, the only grocery store in Smith River, Ca... Instead of blaming themselves for driving 12 miles out of their way to shop at Wal-Mart instead of Ray's. If they hate Wal-Mart why do they shop there? The only ones they can blame are themselves

  • Where would we be without Wal*Mart

    If you sit back and think, yes "mom and pop" stores are awesome with service, they are there for you. However honestly sit back and think of a time when someone forgot the Thanksgiving turkey, ham, etc.. You wouldn't be able to go into a local store and pick up such items the day of or the day before. I agree it's awful that some people get forced out of their business that they have been working on so long, but it is possible to survive with one or even two Wal*Marts around, such an example is in Augusta, Georgia. We have two super centers not more than 10 miles apart however there are countless "mom and pop" stores in between because customers have been going to them for years. Maybe I have a one sided view, but in my opinion it's beneficial.

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We need American made things not China....