• Walmart is good

    Many people believe that Walmart is unethical because it pressures its suppliers to sell them items at ridiculously low prices, forcing smaller suppliers to go out of business. However, I would argue that this is just natural selection in the economy. The stores and suppliers with the lowest prices will thrive, while the stores and suppliers with higher prices will go out of business. Walmart just speeds this process up.

  • Working at Walmart

    First of all it is not Walmart fault for putting small businesses out of business because it is competition, second you can pay workers minimum wage all you want if you don't like it get a different job and quit, no one is making you work there. Lastly I bet everyone goes to Walmart.

  • Walmart is great

    Walmart is a great place you can buy clothes groceries toys pet supplies get your car worked on buy out door stuff an even plants. Ngjk kj jj jj jj jj j j j j j j jj j j j j j j j k kk k i i i i

  • Walmart is trash

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  • Walmart is great

    You guys are bringing up something that happened 3 years ago,get over it.Im sure they weren't peacefully protesting and Walmart can do whatever they want because it's their company.The pregnant women shouldn't have gone to work if she was that pregnant.Walmart is a good place where people can get what ever they need.People can be comfortable in there.

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  • Wal-Mart is great

    I think Wal-Mart's great because its such a casual everyday place where you can go to get anything you need! You can go to Wal-Mart in a sweat suit and no one will judge you, and they have everything you need!! Wal-Mart has a variety of things to sell and is the store that you can do your groceries, Christmas shopping and clothes shopping at!! I love Wal-Mart!!

  • UNFAIR to Employees

    This Company is taking advantage of every thing they can. They don't pay workers what they need to survive and than they tell them to get food stamps and other government help. The home office doesn't care about anything besides themselves. This is almost like the Nazi's coming in to set up concentration camps across America but many are too blind to see it! They say history always repeats itself and it is happening as we speak and something must be done!

  • No, Wal-Mart is bad.

    It's not the low prices that they say it is. They do it just to get you to buy the thing that they have marked low. It's higher than what they mark it at. So it's a waste of time there and you're waiting forever in the checkouts just to go somewhere else.

  • Sadly Yes

    It devalues goods and puts many small business out of business. It makes us dependent on cheap disposable goods. The corporate employee system is also very stifling, little chance for advancement and one of the most depressing places to work on earth. Also an oppressive place to shop, and generalizes everything into a generic formula. We need to invest in America and American made goods.

  • Crushing the American Dream

    No, I do not believe Wal-Mart is good for America. Thousands of small business owners have seen their dreams of being successful entrepreneurs destroyed by the opening of Wal-Mart in their area. Small businesses are not afforded the same discounts by wholesale providers as those given to major corporations because the smaller business cannot buy the massive quantities that companies like Wal-Mart can. Therefore, they must charge higher prices for the same product thus losing patronage.

    Most employees of Wal-Mart will never realize their own dreams because of the system that the company has put into place as far as raises and promotions are considered. Just to be considered for a full time position that offers benefits to the employee, you have to be employed for an extended period of time.

  • The death of small businesses

    Though Walmart provides many jobs for Americans and offers low prices on their products, they have put many small business which communities thrive on out of business. This over time can have a negative effect on smaller towns that rely on the revenue to stay strong and prosper. When Walmart comes into a new community it often sucks the area dry and once it starts to see a drop in profits it leave a huge waste of space that no one can use or maintain.

  • Walmart is a monopoly.

    Walmart's pull factor, lack of competition, and wide spread, is only cause trouble to the American Economy. When a business needs to find a store to sell their products in, the only real choice is Walmart. Since Walmart is a one-stop-shop, people don't need to go to another store to get what they need. This makes it far to difficult for other stores to compete. The pull factor also plays a role because it limits what businesses are allowed to make, since Walmart will step in and say that they will only sell what they want on the shelf. Then to get hold of cheaper labor, they would tell all the production businesses to move all of their operations to China. The last big factor is the low prices. Low prices is concocted to low payment. With prices as low as Walmart's, the workers are most likely being paid below the minimum wage. All of this only leads to the crumbling of the American Economy.

  • Walmart is good but it must be concentrated

    I know that Walmart creates many jobs and gives families who are more in need of low prices but I think Walmart should take down some of their stops. I think that it is good if there are a few in one area but not an extensive amount making it so that there can be no competition. Thats all. Thanks for taking the time to read this and if you work at Walmart, consider this.

  • Causes Companies to Go Green

    Due to the fact Walmart is a huge company other companies to follow its footprint or they will not be able to compete. Also, 3 key goals of Walmart is
    1. To be supplied with 100% renewable energy

    2. To create ZERO waste.

    3. To sell products that sustain our resources and environment

    Thanks for reading :)

  • Walmart sucks cock

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  • Down with mal-mart

    Wal-mart deserves to be destroyed and rid from the americanas we must overtake them sound the alarms ring the bells get the torches and pitch forks we can do this come on rise up america we can do this get on the ark and charge down unto thee bow down

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Walmart is good