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  • Wal-Mart is good for America

    United States of America, with the density of population from every where is almost the center of different races, cultures, and characters. This density of multi cultural population is a reason for facing with diversified refinements. The fact that people have different tastes in what they eat and in their life style is inevitable and that is why in this country Americans need to have stores like Wal-Mart, Kmart and other related stores to satisfy multi satisfaction needs that exists in this country.

  • Wal-mart is good for America

    I think Wal-mart is good for America because it provides a lot of jobs in this terrible economy. It provides an affordable option for groceries and household goods for people who might not otherwise be able to afford such items. They also provide a good selection of items from various parts of the world such as foods and toys.

  • A good thing

    I think that Wal Mart is a really good company for America. I think that it does a lot of good for the consumer, since it offers things at a good price, and that it does a lot of good for the workforce, since they offer thousands of jobs to people.

  • How can any corporation be good for America making more profit than in history costing us more subsidies than any other. Good for this nation.

    The largest service area employer Wal-Mart and Mc Donald's has 80 % of its employees on food stamps and showing more profit than ever before. Both takeing federal tax payer subsidies second to non. A line in the sand has been clearly drawn and it looks like we are on our own to overcome the needs of the people. Wal-Mart is costing the taxpayers billions with Mc Donald's in a close second. How can a corporations boasting more profit than ever and hold it employees to the level of needing food assistance programs and cut hours to not allow healthcare rules to set in forcing both to the free clinics and the emergency room for medical care. How could they be good for this nation. Both are costing the tax payer huge amount of money and making profit of the backs of their employees and the rest here in America that pay taxes. Here is a video supporting my standpoint. and

  • Its good for people

    Wal Mart is good for the people - maybe not certain groups of people, but for the people. Many people have lost jobs because of Wal Mart, and many stores and businesses have closed, but the lower prices have spread across the entire country - allowing people to save a little more each week.

  • Is Walmart bad for America?

    To answer that i think we have to talk about what America is, what Walmart is, and if one is good for the other. America, a country with an uneven and detrimental mixture of gluttony and underprivileged sacrifice, Walmart, none short of the official title, is a CORPORATION (much like America itself unfortunately) on one hand you have people who go to Walmart, shopping for clearance items and paper cutlery as a means of budgeting involuntarily , and then you have those who go to Walmart for luxurious purposes (i'm not blaming either side for inflation of anything like that) corporation is poison to an honest world to me, Walmart and the class division scenarios are no different from fast-food franchises or product manufacturer ploys and most people DON"T THINK CRITICALLY ABOUT THE EVERYDAY ROUTINES OF OUR LIVES, THE STRATAGEM FORCED ON US, today, shopping for necessities has become corrupt with the stain of greed on the money given to big business like Walmart. WAKE UP!!!

    Rants From an Awoken Teenager and Citizen of this World

  • Wal-Mart is bad for America

    They fired their own employees only so China can import it the same product, paying at most 75 cents an hour. To Wal-Mart prices matter most, not the customers. They also use opening prices to lure in customers to buy ultra expensive things. Say you're looking for an oven for your home. You will see a microwave oven for $29.83. You think that's a good price, right. Well, once you have that in your head you will go check out other electronic kitchen goods. You'll see a microwave for $63.93. Remembering the microwave oven, you will think it's a low price, although it could be more than what you would pay at a place like Kroger's.

  • Wal[mart is bad for America.

    Wal-mart is bad for America. Wal-mart is notoriously hated by small business owners who rightfully oppose the opening of such a store in the vicinity of their neighborhood. Because Wal-mart specializes in selling a wide range of product, they are able to undercut prices which result in putting many small business out of business.

  • Wal-Mart and MacDonald's are both paying their employee's little to nothing. Boasting more profit than ever in history.

    We see this clearly everyday with the largest employer Wal-Mart and Mc Donald's has 80%of its employees on food stamps and free clinics or using the emergency room for healthcare and showing more profit than ever before. Both taking federal tax payer subsidies second to non in the billions Wal-Mart in the lead with Mc Donald's at a close second. Achieving the goal of being call largest corporate welfare Queens in a Bloomberg article and in a investigation by Bernie Sanders. A line in the sand has been clearly drawn and it looks like we are on our own to overcome the needs of the people and stop the corporation from profiting off the backs of the tax payers in this nation. How can they be good for America.

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