• Wall Street pride

    Yes Wall Street is capable of swallowing its pride and owning up. Every one on the face of this earth oas capable of swallowing their pride and owning up Wall Street is not exception. If everyone did this more often the world as we know it would definitely be a better place.

  • Now, this is funny.

    An industry, which sole reason for existing, is to lie and steal as much money as possible, coming forward and throwing their diary on the table for anyone to pick up and read???

    Don't take this the wrong way. Especially, considering that I live in Colorado. But, are you smoking dope???

  • Only external forces will force accountability on Wall Street

    Wall Street will always be based on debauchery, destruction and greed unless external forces are acted upon it. Wall street will swallow its pride if faced with punishment for evil deeds. If massive fines and a plethora of long prison sentences (in the general population) were handed down on those who would cause pain and suffering to the American people, then Wall Street would be forced into account.

  • Wall Street cannot own it's words.

    Wall Street will be the last to admit they are wrong and politically driven in their announcement of an upturn. This headline was right below the faltering of Walmart, the biggest box store around. It was a politically driven move and one I do not see them owning anytime soon.

  • no i do not believe it will

    Wall Street is a very old system that has worked for a very long time. It has benefited a lot of people that see no need to change things. Many people would lose a lot of money if things changed and Wall Street owned up to its wrongdoings. Many people would not give up the lavish lifestyle.

  • Most likely not

    I highly doubt it. Wall Street is such a huge company, and I'm not sure I've ever heard of them owning up to a mistake, or issues. They would rather find a loophole or a way to cover their tracks. If they did I would be really surprised, but glad.

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