• No one is telling us the truth

    America is in a deep bankruptcy for over 20 years.America diged its own grave by sending all the jobs overseas.Our poor economy is based on speculations and printing more and more currency.A proof for that is, the minimum wage increased only by 20% in the past 30 years but home prices increased by 400% . Who has the money to buy homes. NO one really . Ohh ,almost forgot the Fed and the banks who give money for free and than take it away from you. We all live in La La land cause we are so stupid and that is how the government treats us.

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  • Look at me

    I am a perfect example of how "Wall Street" is destroying America. I have a small business on line, with a popular site. Selling antiques, jewelry and collectables. I have been doing this for over 25 years and I am highly experienced. This site is on Wall Street and its only goal is to please its investors. With its last CEO walking away with over 40 million dollars. After driving the site into the ground. They have raised there seller fees so high that I can barely make a profit. I can barely pay my seller fees, or buy new products. Or barely pay my personal bills. At the same time "All" the shipping companies who are in Cahoots with each other. Including the post office. Have raised shipping rates so high that many of my customers have stopped buying. Especially international buyers. My small business has been hit in every direction, by "Greed" All tied to wallstreet! I am sure there are millions of small businesses in the same boat!

  • Nothing wrong with making tons of money if you reinvest in communities and country .

    So many have only their own self interest to serve and only throw back crumbs to their workers and communities they so depend on. Today in this country we no longer have builders of great things for the good of all for now and our future generations. Their just financial engineers and gangster capitalists . Yet CNBC and Bloomberg teats as something special,their not, so sad what could be.

  • Lost international confidence and soon help up lose the dollar as the world currency!

    Wall Street is ripped off everyone and continues to rip everyone off, just as the book "flash boys" details.
    There is always been some level of corruption, but ever since the passage of the commodities and futures act, it's been all downhill.
    From the repeal of Glass-Steagall to the formation of derivatives it's turned into nothing more than a shell game.
    Stealing trillions of dollars from the American taxpayers, and other countries around the world.
    Canada's now forming its own stock exchange because they know they're being fleeced.
    How long until oil is no longer bought and sold with and world currency is no longer the US dollar?
    Most likely less than 10 years!

  • Is Wall Street Destroying America?

    They already have. It was Wall Street and Bankers that caused the huge WORLD WIDE financial collapse. Today, they are practicing the same predatory investments. It is time for them to be regulated seriously. Dirivitives must be made a thing of the past, Banks should return to serving their clients and investment brokers need regulation.

  • Nothing But Smoke & Mirrors

    Yes, Wall Street is destroying America. Our entire country and lifestyle is now based on numbers spun out by investors and speculators. Our underpinnings now rest on illusions. There is nothing solid holding our economy up. One of these days, Wall Street could stumble, and our entire country and way of life would come to a screeching halt. Wall Street is wrapping us up in smoke and mirrors and we are trusting it. There is no substance there to hold us up in the event of a true crash.

  • Step Back

    Yes, Wall Street is destroying America. We have become so money hungry and enthralled in the business world that it is taking away from the quality of our lives. We need to get back the lives that Americans used to have. We need to take pride in the simple things and stop treating life like a race.

  • No, Wall Street is not destroying America.

    It is not Wall Street or the "Evil Business Mongers" that are the ones destroying America. Wall Street creates opportunities for new businesses that would otherwise be unable to financially get off the ground, to do so. The problem in America today is the people who do not take responsibility for their actions, who don't push themselves to grow as a person and they expect to be given things from the people who do.

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