• Yes, Wall Street effectively entices Millenials.

    Yes, Wall Street continues to attract top talent from the elite universities. The finance and equity companies such as Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan reach out to the top university recruits enticing them with very high salaries, bonuses and options. This practice has not really changed much from previous history in this industry.

  • Foolish not too

    Millennials, or the current young generation are a huge market who will not take "traditional wisdom" and simply invest. With the internet and modern consumerism young people are currently notoriously not saving for the future. With huge increases in health costs and an older population almost certain to require big investment Wall Street is and should going after this group. Internet and modernisation has yet to really strongly effect the savings and pension markets and the free market loves an opportunity like this.

  • No I don't believe so!

    I don't believe wall street is wooing the millenials because, lately, the whole economy is going crazy! Every country is either just getting out of debt or going in debt so there is no way they are wooing anyone! I hope that the economy takes a turn and can start proving us wrong!

  • Millennials are not impressed with Wall Street.

    Millenials lack interest in Wall Street and government. They have proven not to be a generation with the mind set for savings or investing. With crippling student debt and lack of employment opportunities I don't blame them. Millenials are not the investors Wall Street is accustomed to. Face to face communication is a thing of the past. Advisers and Financial Planners will need to adjust to the changing face of young investors or they may become a thing of the past as well.

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