• Yes, it is.

    Most of those people and corporations with lots of power and economic clout are basically corrupt or they would not have gotten to where they are. Wall Street is the seat of financial power in the United States, and it is obviously very corrupt and makes money off the little people.

  • Anything for a buck.

    Yes, Wall Street is too corrupt, because the vast majority of people who violate the finance laws are never found or prosecuted. Violating the laws is just known and expected. People on Wall Street will do whatever they have to do in order to make a buck off the backs of the little people.

  • Yes It Is

    I believe Wall Street is too corrupt. I believe our companies and their owners have forgotten the people they built their fortunes on top of. I believe poverty is a huge problem that Wall Street promotes by attempting to break profit records from before. The US economy needs balance, not the ideals Wall Street supports.

  • Wall stress is not too corrupt.

    A lot of people argue that Wall Street is a corrupt and decadent laden institute that has too much influence on the minds and wallets of both the government, and the average consumer. I disagree. Most claims that people fabricate to denounce Wall Street is more due to jealousy of those whom manage to succeed in utilizing the systems in place to make tremendous amounts of money (or lose said amount of money as well.)

    Most people if they were as successful as high end brokers or hedge fund bankers that make a living with the heart of the American economy they would not be lodging complaints about 'corruption' or other similar buzz words to mask their own spitefulness towards other peoples financially successes.

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