• Wall Street lost its legitamcy

    Wall Street was a genuine place for companies to sell their stocks in order to earn investors to fund their capital. Now its nothing more than a giant casino, with investment bankers playing a big game with Quadrillion of dollars, which do nothing to an economy but only makes certain people rich and eat up money from the rest. Its too much power for a few elites who are able to control the entire world economy and directly affect the lives of the general populace.

    The current generation of politics in the past decade have allowed this to happened and to continue unopposed.

    Posted by: jby
  • Wall Street is Paved with Money

    Yes, of course Wall Street is greedy. Without greed, Wall Street wouldn't be as successful as it, it probably wouldn't even exist. People that are wealthy use Wall Street to make even more money. It's not bad to desire more money, but greed is never good. Wall Street is not about balance, it's just about more money.

  • Any greed is too greedy.

    Any greed is too greedy. And Wall Street is built on greed. That greed makes a few men wealthy beyond reason at the expense of putting millions of people into poverty. The ultra wealthy use Wall Street as a means of sucking mass amounts of money into their coffers, while the little man always loses their assets.

  • Yes- The rich get richer and the poor get poorer.

    People who are looking for a chance to get ahead are struggling against the whole idea of the rich get richer and the poor get poorer, and who are the rich? The wall street are the rich. There always seem to be a crush on the middle class that takes away from them and there is nothing taken away else where.

  • Wall Street isn't greedy enough.

    Every institute that is labeled as "for profit" sure had better be, well, making profit. Also, in the image, because the image shows Greed Street to be separate from Wall Street, and the intersection looks empty, lots of laughs may be garnered.
    But seriously, businesses exist to make money, first and foremost. If they are condemned for doing what they are made to do, there is something very wrong.

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