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  • No, Wall Street is not trustworthy.

    First, it is widely known that the stock market is manipulated by the big hands, influencing a wide range of our lives.
    Second, even though too many investors have been suffering from their loss, still the workers in the Wall Street are highly paid. I don't think the work done by such unethical business force could be trustworthy.

  • Wall Street is trustworthy or its not.

    Wall Street damages financial well-being, while big tobacco damaged physical well-being.A major, current example of this manipulation is Wall Street fighting any form of transparency that gives investors the facts they need to make informed decisions. Wall Street does not want investors to have information that helps them determine who they buy financial advice from. Wall Street knows, if investors had the facts, they would not buy from 90% of the sales representatives who represent Wall Street interests.Wall Street also fights documentation because it limits what reps can say to people when they sell investment products. No documentation means investors have to rely on verbal information when they make their decisions.

  • No, the past 5 years have proven Wall Street to be untrustworthy

    In light of the economic collapse of 2008 and the years that have ensued, it has become relatively clear that Wall Street is run by unethical entities that are often involved in unsavory activities, such as insider trading and margin manipulation. The majority of people whose risky decisions have cost many Americans a significant percentage of their savings have yet to be held accountable by the federal government.

  • Culture Must Change Before Trust is Earned

    Wall Street caused the financial recession in 2007 and 2008. Such a thing will happen again when greedy Wall Street financial wizards take Main Street for another drunken ride and get high on ordinary Americans' money. Wall Street executives made huge profits off of bad mortgages and those companies still exist. Taxpayers had to bail them out while ordinary citizens lost their jobs and their homes. Wall Street couldn't be trusted ahead of the Great Depression and the big wigs certainly didn't learn those lessons 80 years later. Wall Street shouldn't be trusted whatsoever.

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