• Walmart just really needs to go

    They need to go because walmart is really competitive. Its the reason why zellers and target failed in canada, Its because walmart is just too competitive. Another reason why is because amazon is quickly dominating the onine market which makes walmart even more competitive. In 5 to 10 years, Amazon is just gonna take over and knock out every competitor. Another reason why is, Walmart has very dull and boring stores. It doesnt even make the customer's experience great when compared to target because if a customer is shopping at target, It makes the customer's experience really great because target have really nice looking stores, Not so with walmart. And last but not least, Walmart is rude to customers because if a customer is complaing that the staff aint doing their job, The store manager aint even gonna help you out, Trust me, They won't help you out.

  • Walmart has too expensive prices. It bothers me and my mom.

    I'm 12. And my mom is about to turn 41 in August. Now, we go to Walmart because it is a bad habit. Why? Because we have a lot of groceries to pick up and/or buy. But when my mom tries to order something, the site says she can't afford it. She has like $500 on her card. And apparently, she tries and fails, tries and fails, tries and fails, and the cycle repeats over and over again. The groceries were under thirty dollars, and the site thinks it's only for millionaires. But for Sam's Club, the prices are WAY TOO CHEAP. If my mom orders Sam's Club, it says "PLEASE REMOVE MONEY FROM YOUR CARD". Thing is, the site is trying to make you donate to the company. Walmart has too expensive prices, and this is why the company must shut down IMMEDIATELY!

  • Soon I Hope Walmart will be History

    Walmart mistreats employees, almost as an afterthought. I worked for this corporation for seven years. In December 2017 I lost my medical insurance with this joke of a company. I was two hours short of having enough hours to keep the insurance, two hours. I walked away at the end of February. I cannot bring myself to shop there any more. I have no interest in entering into a Walmart anywhere on this earth.

  • It all eventually adds up.

    As a previous employee (who also has high functioning autism), I can tell you first hand that Walmart's outlandish mistreatment of employees will eventually catch up with them. Customers get sick of unhappy associates with issues and the negativity eventually rubs off on them. Then they eventually take their business elsewhere. Pretty simple!

  • Terrible Reputation Founded

    I heard terrible things about them and what can I say, all of it was true and more. The management is corrupted by cronyism and nepotism. They essentially create an environment (as they are instructed to do so) that dehumanizes labor and creates an aura of desperation, impossible demands and anxiety. Roughly fifty percent of the women at the store where I work experience anxiety attacks on a daily basis. Workload is unreasonable, part time positions exploited to ensure continuing desperation of all workers. Women often targeted for abusive behavior ranging from innapropriate texts to being told to work off the clock. Workers are reprimanded for reporting foul play through spontaneous demotion, false evaluations and termination used as a constant threat. PR spin not withstanding workers continue to be opressed financially. Totally corrupt and almost completely unethical. Women reporting harrassement or unsafe work environment are blamed for it. Open Door Policy is the fastest way to demotion and termination and a terrific joke. Walmart hires sex offenders, violent domestic violence offenders and all manner of criminals even though if you ask them they say they do not.

  • Unethical Labor Practices

    We all know this is a highly litigeous sociwty and culture. No way Walmart is going to survive the lawsuits if anyone gets a class action gping for mistreatment in the workplace. Assistant managers are encouraged to treat workers like chattal. Labor hours continue to be cut. While some stores were given a directive to minimally increase wage it still falls short of anything other than a government subsidized company. Due to the unethical greed of its stockholders this will not change. The weak PR spin surrounding that so called wage hike was brilliant but not enough. While the public now falsely believes that walmart is better it has simply cut workers based often on false performance reviews and annual raises of a mere .20 an hour for above excellent performance. Working there has degenerated for many into a form of slave labor. Workers are mercilessly driven to perform the work of four and five workers. Management ensurea the employment of friends and family over actual work ethic. In this environment of fear workers do not report harassment or hostile work environment for fear not only of being terminated but also having their friends targeted. Competition being so high ethics have gone out the window. Most female workers when approached alone report anxiety artacks associated with working there. Managers send inappropriate 'sexting' messages with no fear of reprisal to female employees. Male supervisors tend to be more and more corrupt right up to and often including store managers. If women filed a class action against Walmart it should be enough to absolutely destroy them. This can happen in ten years and that with the following should signal thier end. Workers who live under constant fear for employment eventually discover the only way to maintain mental health is to leave. The more intelligent you are the faster you realize this. Having a business plan that chases intelligent workwrs out the door the fastest is a super bad idea. It leaves a company full of subpar workers who are also likely full of resentment toward the company. This causes shrink of all kinds to grow. This screws up inventory. This messes up ordering which mismanages stock creating a domino effect of poor service for everyone including the customer. It increases phone volume- already happening, which further lowers productivity in other areas. Walmart is spiralling into failure. Not because of anuthing other than incredibly poor management, cronyism, nepostism and really just an air of sheer desperation. They forgot where they succeeded before. They have lost direction and are doomed to failure.

  • They have nowhere else to go

    40 years ago if you were to tell people that Macys or Sears would be going out of business or closing stores and struggling to stay afloat they would have thought you were crazy. I think Walmart will be the next retail giant to fall, even if it seems far-fetched at the moment. Retail is struggling, and Wal Mart is now in the position where they have already have over 6,000 stores around the world, but they are eventually going to run out of markets to enter. Their next move is to become more competitive online, which they are already trying with mixed results. It should be noted that Warren Buffet sold about 90% of this Walmart stock because he thinks Walmart's future is facing too much of an uphill battle. I think Walmart has gone as far as a brick and motor general retail store can go and they have nowhere to go but down.

  • Managers agree with the posts given

    When senior management asks for input on how to make things better, and a response is given, the associate or manager or both are written up for being disrespectful if it does not agree or coincide with senior managements plan. Once that has occurred the associate or manager is now a target for termination. Also by running with skeleton crews across the board, there is no true way to service a customer 100% like they deserve. Wal-Mart is walking down the same path as any bankrupt company before them. Senior staff is only holding out hope for the business life cycle to last until retirement. There have been far to many mistakes made to recover from when they are at the tail end of the business life cycle.

  • Yes, just look at th fish department.

    They are eventually going to be on their way out. Just look at their fish department, dead fish, dirty tanks, under stocked items, old items, okay priced products, no advice or help. If that's how they treat live fish, imagine how the rest of the store is going? Oh and don't bother complaining, their managers will never get to you.

  • I try to stay out of wal mart on a principle.

    I'm 27. Like many people my approximate age and younger, I stay out of wal-mart because the money I worked for, will not support a company which treats its employees (many of whom are on welfare despite having a full-time job) the way wal-mart does. I have no problem paying a bit more at Kroger. Or, a bit less at AlDi whenever one's available. I think market depends on demand, and Wal-mart will have major issues as generations change.

  • Walmart will live forever.

    Walmart will continue to decline, but it is a juggernaut and will never die. The owners of Walmart are some of the wealthiest people in the world. The market share Walmart has is enormous and they will continue to stay afloat for many years to come. Even K-mart is still in business.

  • They will always find a way

    Walmart is HUGE corporation. I'm sure they have several tricks up their sleeve to bring people back before they'd let that happen. I'd like to see it go, the way they treat their employees and the people they do business with overseas is disgusting. Walmart is an awful comany that needs to make major changes or shut down.

  • Walmart going out of business

    I do not think that Walmart is going to be going out of business in the next 5 to 10 years. There are many loyal customers. Many people prefer to shop in person and Walmart has just about everything you need from the pharmacy to groceries to clothes to electronics.

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