• Walmart losing edge

    I feel that Walmart is losing their ground in toady's market. More and more people feel negative about shopping there and also how they handle situations. There is a white trash perception of Walmart shoppers and I feel that more and more people will not want to shop there anymore.

  • Yes. Walmart headed for a very dark place.

    Walmart has been headed to a dark place since it steadily moved away from it's core value. It has become a money hungry corporation who no longer puts people first and sacrifices living wages and service for the almighty dollar. If the backlash continues, drastic measures may need to be taken to circumvent loss of revenue.

  • No, Walmart is not headed for a very dark place.

    No, Walmart is not headed for a very dark place. Walmart continues to be one of the top employers, even in rural regions. They provide quality products at a more reasonable price than some smaller stores. Due to their low cost, they continue to keep products affordable to everyone. Walmart is keeping the unemployment rate down and allowing those to provide their families with what they need.

  • Walmart is a leading department store steadfast in the marketplace

    Walmart was once a big corporation that every small store loathed. The department store came into small towns across America to sell many items under one roof and put thousands of stores out of business. Now that Walmart has dominated the market business insiders are wondering if the stores have reached full potential. In my opinion, some locations might need to rethink their strategy, but there is no shortage of customers for Walmart and the low prices that are offered.

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