• Yes, Walmart is losing business to online retailers.

    All brick and mortar stores are losing business to internet retailers, because internet retailers often sell products for lower prices and because they ship them straight to your door. Many stores like Walmart have online stores as well, so they regain a lot of the business that they lose to retailers that are only online.

  • Yes, Walmart starting to lose business!

    I feel that as more and more people start online shopping, and finding comparable or lower prices Walmart will lose business. Walmart is not a enjoyable shopping experience to a lot of people and I know I personally would rather shop at home then go in to the store. I feel that as more places like Amazon continue to grow they will lose more.

  • More Than Likely No

    I do not believe Walmart is losing business to online retailers but I sure wish more companies would give them competition and get them out of business. Walmart has ruined small town America and it doesn't stop until it's sapped all the economic growth out of an area. People should attempt to boycott Walmart, they don't deserve our money!

  • No, Walmart is not losing business to online retailers.

    No, Walmart's business continues to be steady in light of online retailers. In my opinion, it is their lower costs that help to keep it one of the leading competitive retailers in the market today. Additionally, they have the advantage of having lower cost products available to cut down on the customer's wait time they would experience purchasing an item through an online company.

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