• Yes, war is something we do to fix things.

    Yes, I believe that war is a distraction from real issues. I look back and there have been times when our country has been divided, had a multitude of problems, internal unrest, a stagnant economy and mounting apathy. Our involvement in war brought us all together and seemed to fix most of the problems by taking attention away from them and focusing on the conflict.

  • Yes, war can distract from what a country is really facing.

    Yes, especially in the United States, war is a distraction from true issues. For instance, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan were used to take away notice from the fact that some people (homosexuals) didn't even have basic rights. They were also used to distract people from the economy. War is bad for many reasons; this is just one of them.

  • War is the real issue.

    No, war is not a means of distraction from real issues, because war is the real issue. War is a big problem that kills the most people. There cannot be any other issues if people do not even have a safe place to put their head where they will not be killed.

  • War A Real Issue

    I think a person has to be pretty esoteric to think that war isn't a real issue. Wars have been happening have years and many generations of humans have experienced some type of war during their lifetime. To suggest that war is somehow not a real issue is a misnomer.

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