Is war a more ethically sound method of population control than abortion?

Asked by: Eldershire
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  • Because it decimates population

    People would be killed by shells and gas decimating intire countries in hours that were under propare and it would make a lot of people rich but it also would be bad because of all the good people killed but it would destroy people so I would say yes to it.

  • People that die in war at least get to live.

    With abortion, You take the drugs, And the baby is killed. That person never gets to know love, God, Or anything. It's flat out murder, But worse. With war, People aren't sent into the army until they're at least 17, And by then they will have been loved, Met God, And seen at least a bit of the world. And if they survive, They get closer to their family and become a hero. Abortion is cold-blooded murder, It brings nothing but death.

  • War is killing humans with loved ones, Abortion is usually just destroying some cells

    More people suffer during war because the ones who die are their brothers, Fathers, Husbands and sons. They have more connections with other people and a richer story. Abortion is often done to preserve the life of the mother or in unwanted pregnancies where the child would probably grow up in an environment that isn't good for them. Even if it isn't the reason, Less people will miss something that never came to be and with which they have no real connections with, Except longing or

  • Any killing on the purpose of "population control" is unethical

    With war, Not only people's lives are taken away from them but also taken away from their loved ones, People who had a lovely family but had to be taken away by the war. "by then they will have been loved, Met God, And seen at least a bit", That's the exact reason its unethical for them to die.
    Comparing this to abortion, Where the fetuses are prevented from living a possibly horrible life because their parents were unprepared.
    People's death is unacceptable because other people in society had already established a relationship with them, But to the unborn fetuses, Even their mother is not ready for their existence, Why should they be born and live a horrible life?

    Whether they are a fetus or lived 17 years, Its never ethical to kill them with the intention of population control.

  • Ethical war does not exist

    War can be sometimes justified as a last resort or self-defense, But usually quickly slides to unethical domains - as with anything involving power.

    Abortion is "controlling our life" at a cost of an unborn child. It's not easy, But it 10 times more human. (As someone who took part in both war and abortion)

  • Abortion is better, Ya Christians

    Abortion is better because at least you don't have to deal with something FOR 17 years only for your CHILD to die, Besides, Another war would put everyone in debt and possibly create an even worse version of the great depression. If abortion if necessary, Then that would mean that the person would probably live an awful life anyways, Which would mean that you'd be saving them from feeling awful all the time until the sweet release of death.

  • Both are not ethical.

    War for the purpose of to many people is mass homicide the same can be said for abortion. Abortion isn't removing a bundle a cells its a potential human with potential sentience if you say that doesn't count then people in a coma are not human. War needs justification like a terrorist attack or a cyber attack not to many people there would rebellion and a overthrow. If the world ever does get to that point with a extremely high population abortion would be preferred, But all you leftist would have to understand not many white babies would be aborted since by that time we would be around maybe 5% of the population it be mostly Indians, Chinese, Arabs, And Africans.

  • Its a better of two evils

    While i can say that i strongly disagree with abortion, What sane person would want war. You could argue that they are both deaths so it makes no difference but you've gotta think about the people around them, Assuming that country's aren't sending babies of to fight you have to consider there relationships, Lets take a mother for example, Looking through an ethical stand point there's a difference between having a small baby in your life and gone without any major effects or strings left behind, Were as if your a mother who raises, Looks after and dedicates there lives to protecting this living person that has seen the world and has goals and things they want to do, Just to have it stripped away from after 17 yr. Just imagine the torment the mother would go through. So that's my thoughts on the ethical side of the matter.

    Side note to the person who mention God in there debate i just wanna say i urge you not to use God as a defense it shows that you couldn't think of a better point. That's my only problem.

    This was fun

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pushyleaf9002 says2018-12-03T19:35:47.340
Neither, Killing is bad both ways

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