• How could I ever disagree with you??!! I don't!!!

    I think war/aggression is perhaps the worst attribute that can be placed on the male gender. I think war is an invention of men. I think warring is an expression that is unique to men in general and to those men in power in particular.

    Women are peace. How long will men deny that??? Do men really want peace??? Giving women the power to lead will release men from their aggressions and they can be free to do the things we do best, whatever that might be (Love?).

    Posted by: anam
  • War is necessary.

    War causes lot of pain and destruction but brings in peace. No pain, no gain. To gain peace, we must accept the pain of war. If the people feel that the government is not ruling justly, they fight against the government. If a country wages war over another country, that country has to fight to protect its people.

  • If we don't commit war there won't be any success for any country.

    Who are we without war? If we didn't commit war there wouldn't have been any success for any country. War is about fighting against each other for peace, land, friendship etc. Some people honestly need to start realizing that Earth is not perfect. Nothing is perfect. Who are we without war? Violence, hatred, war, evil. Some people only live upon war because they have no choice. They have no option. They fight for freedom. Yes, war is an ugly thing, but definitely not the ugliest. As John Stuart Mill says, "Without war, we cannot achieve peace!" No war. No Peace.

  • I fully agree that war is a necessary evil because there are times when there is no other way to resolve something, but it brings great pain to many.

    War is not something that any sane person wants to be involved in, unfortunately there are times now and in the past that show us no other option. World War 2 is a great example: Hitler was trying to take over the world eventually by committing genocide. He needed to be stopped; you can not have someone trying to take over the world, especially in that manner, and have no one step in to handle it. It was evil because of all the losses that we as Americans suffered, even though we were trying to help.

    Posted by: LamentableAlfonso71
  • Yes, war is a necessary evil, because as long as we are only human, our emotions and beliefs will come in conflict with other people.

    Conflict will happen between groups of people, and using violence as a solution is part of human nature. There is little difference between human reactions and those of animals. Animals feel the need to fight to prove their worth to their mates, defending their territory, and humans are no different. What really separates humans from animals is the scale of the fights. Modern weapons have made conflicts between two groups widespread and bloody on an unbelievable scale. War will always exist. Hopefully, however, they will not always be as bloody.

    Posted by: H_Baird
  • War will ultimately destroy mankind. Misunderstandings or disputes should be settled by talks

    If the disputes are to be settled only by war, then human kind will not survive and the whole world will vanish by it's own people living here. We are all here to help each other and love each other and not to end up fighting war

    Posted by: LaureAlli
  • A necessary evil,

    War is evil and horrible, but still necessary. War has several beneficial outcomes as far as the whole of humanity is concerned; advancing technology, population control, and the spreading of cultures. Even if you disregarded these war would still be required due to the existence of men and people that are unwilling to change, unwilling to compromise, and the worst of all willing to force their wills on others. If not for war we would all be ruled by despots spewing lies at us with such force as to control us, with no war the liars would rule. In a world where liars ruled humanity would stagnate with little interest in advancing technology or building a better world. History has taught us that humans are inspired to great heights by danger and fear and not when complacent and content.

  • Honor, regain, protect.

    To love one's country enough to die for it is beyond brave, admirable, & honorable. If war is unnecessary, then so is not only defending one's self, but also the boundaries that determine your heritage, ethnicity, and the need for different countries. So if war is so unnecessary, then so is your family tree, and your ancestors.

  • The strong should stay strong

    Get your head out of your behind, the world's a very mean and nasty place. No ones going to give you anything, you have to fight for what you want and what you believe in. Personally, I believe peaceful agreements are rarely met. Compromises are unhealthy. The powerful should remain powerful and should never let others, weaker or smaller, control them or even affect them. War is entirely necessary.

  • "Without war, there can be no peace"

    Unless we manage to obtain unlimited resources and space, war will always be a necessity for survival. What almost no one realizes is that in a perfect world that had no wars we would probably already be extinct due to overpopulation, I've heard that within the next 50 or so years there won't even be enough water for everyone to drink, which would likely lead to either a war many times more brutal than either world war, or we invest heavily in asteroid mining for water etc..
    And I don't see human society working together well too often.

  • Definitely No

    No offense, but all those who voted for 'yes' are probably Americans. Wars are unnecessary, we don't need them. Peace and goodwill for others is what we need, not violence. Wars have only brought misery everywhere. Don't we see hundreds dying in some Arab countries these days? It is just insane for people to think that wars are NECESSARY.

  • Humans are rational

    Humans are rational enough to not go to war. Problems and disagreements can be resolved through political debate and discussion, rather than guns and bombs. Of course wars exist, but war is not a natural state of affairs, and with increased global communication and discussion it is becoming less of a reality.

  • No, because war is not evil.

    Like all things, war is morally neutral. Morality does not actually exist in the first place. What is 'good' is what is simply what is preferred by the party calling something 'good'. War is definitely necessary to achieve certain results - that much is undeniable fact.

    Posted by: Kali
  • War are pointless

    I think wars are useless and also large weapons. Wars endanger our young minds and are a threat to all of our futures. The young generation shouldn't shed blood over useless topics and should strive for peace to advance the innovations that will help the world for the greater good.
    PS. I'M American and 12

  • If someone kills someone that would be considered a crime but if solders kill "enemy's" in war they are "defending their country." that's not right

    Solders come home almost being worshiped for their "good deeds" and patriotism. Sacrificing their lives to defend us right? Don't take me wrong, I'm highly thankful for the men and woman that serve in our armed forces but is it really necessary to worship basically like demigods? The job of the solder is to defend the country and carry out the orders of the president. It's a job. Like any other government job. They are public servants and not much more.
    For example, say if a person goes out and shoots someone, killing them. That person is tried in court and looked at as a murderer, BUT, when solders kill kids and family's and the "enemy" they idolized as the saviors of our country, but who are they saving us from? The terrorist living in caves? The kids walking to school? The "enemy" we hear on the news everyday are just regular people living in other countries, but because the government labels them as our enemy we view them as less than human.

    War has been the cause of all evil on earth and we're too civilized to continue the practice of it.

  • I don't think the "Yes's" really understand..

    I don't think some of you understand that we aren't trying to knock your opinions down or say that war is inevitable or that it doesn't help us in anyway. Of course it does. It's what gained us our freedom, what pushed us to defend ourselves, what has helped saved lives of many innocent people. But, It has also killed innocent people and has caused our nation, our society, our civilization to become a selfish, power hungry place that perhaps has taken war beyond what it should be.

    General Douglas MacArthur once asked, "How, you can well
    ask, did such an institution as war become so integrated in man's life and civilization? How has it
    grown to be the most vital factor in our existence?"

    Can any of you answer that? Can you explain why we've become this way and still validate your argument for why it is a necessary evil?

    I agree that war has had many perks to it and that although it may be a part of human nature, it has taken over our definition of human nature way too much and has caused us to use it as a conflict solver without trying any other method.

    Think about it. Ponder for awhile.
    Is it really a "necessity" ?

  • War is never needed.

    Many of our problems could be solved by love, understanding, and compassion. We do not need to murder one another (and yes, killing ANYONE is murder) to keep peace. It's an oxymoron and frankly doesn't make any sense. I hope one day, we will learn to live in peace with our brothers and sisters.

  • No it's a mindless action just another way to breed psychopaths

    We are destroying the planet and everything on it with this nonsense people who throw their lives away willingly for some indoctrinated nonsense about honor and defending themselves and their people so they think there heroes No you are not a hero when you go into someone else's land and shoot their family's down you are a inconsiderate thoughtless pawn with a license to kill and you need to stop.

  • No, there is excuse for it.

    There is no need for war, the only excuses for it are hatred and greed and these are not acceptable.
    Sure it is appropriate to fight for you or your countries freedom, to defend another from injustice and death - but if the first party did not go out of their way to attack a culture, hurt a person or group of people, or commit injustices, then nobody would need to fight to defend themselves or another.

  • Killing someone out of nationalism isn't okay

    The only country that can disrupt our freedom is our own. I am disgusted by the pro-war arguments on here. "War is about fighting against each other for peace, land, friendship etc." It's obvious that fighting for peace is a contradiction, fighting for land is selfish and never necessary, and a person can make friends without putting their lives at stake. "War unites people." Unity, or alliances is one of the main reasons for both World Wars. Unity is when we work together, not battle each other. Ever since the invention of photography, we've been telling ourselves that we need to stop this; that if we agree not to kill each other, we could solve our problems more rationally. Why isn't it okay for one person to punch another in the face for being wrong, but it is okay for a government to commit mass murder?

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Anonymous says2013-04-12T20:26:14.860
I am inconclusive to the fact if war is or if it is not, on one side The evil of war would be understood as a population effected by trammatic circumstance of the cause such as violents economic strain lost of love ones tramma depression fatherlessness Motherlessness and a heart wrenching quote of the uneccesarry evil of war would be to live at peace means for sons to barry thier Fathers to live in war is for fathers to barry thier sons.
On the other hand war would be neccesarry for protective reasons defence of loved ones or those who cant fend for themselfs orphans widows elderly family households children the quote that drives this one home for every unjust peace is solved by a Just war.
For me to go to war personaly would be two underlying question:
Who am I fighting for? Why the need?
The fact of the matter is we are all born into a world of trouble the question is what will we do with what we have left in the end?
Anonymous says2013-08-31T13:50:25.327
I have managed to live on this planet for 70 years without ever striking another human being.

There have been a dozen or so times when someone wanted to fight me. I managed to talk my way out of a fight in most of those cases. In the few times I didn't succeed in avoiding a fight altogether, I managed to end the scuffle without hitting the other person and without suffering any noticeable damage to myself.

Granted, I've been fortunate. I grew up in a peaceful suburban area. Had I had the bad fortune to have been born in the inner city in a gang neighborhood, I might not have avoided violence so easily.

But that's an important point. Being fortunate in the circumstances of my birth and my growing-up, I didn't squander that good fortune by looking for trouble.