• War never changes.

    As soon as we jumped down from the trees, the newly formed humanity started to compete, to kill each other and the environment for food, water, safety, because of a different opinion, just for fun.
    In the last 3000 years there wasn't even 1 day without a war somewhere, between somebody. This is the cancer of our civilization.

  • War is Competition at its worst

    If the united states announce it was colonizing another planet, i guarantee that 4 or 5 countries will instantly try to compete with the U.S...This is from our natural instinct to Compete, to be better than the person next to us, to have what someone else doesn't.. If you take away that competition, you have no war but you also have no reason to develop society past living in caves. War is required for progress, survival of the fittest.

  • War is in us

    Because peace is only for the dead, war has become part of humans and humans aren't very good at co-existing. War is in our blood our instinct to fight, humans are selfish and we can't satisfy ourselves so we have to fight for things we want and we will always affect or harm other people to do so

  • For the most part, yes.

    It is truly unfortunate that war and, more generally, conflict, is an integral aspect of humanity. A significant portion of our progress as a species is due to conflicts and competitions. Nevertheless, war is often about petty, material matters that I personally wish we could ignore. But this is only my opinion. Humans are not, by nature, pacifists, and are intrinsically violent creatures.

  • Yes

    We humans are selfish, greedy, egotistical, and egocentric creatures. Everything has to revolve around us. We are especially thirsty for power and control. Along with satisfying this greed comes the inevitable bloodshed. Evidently, our self-centered-ness is chronicled in history. For instance, kings would murder their fathers and brothers to obtain the throne and be the next king in power. In fact, in the recent past, the US government invaded an entire nation under false accusation of weapons of Mass Destruction which was never found--because they never had it to begin with.

    Billions of innocent lives were unjustly taken...but who's to question this? Whose to challenge this immoral violence? Whose to stop the "super power" from wrongdoing? None! You know why, because the system has us enslaved and brainwashed. Enslaved how? Well, look at us. Everyone is buried in debt. So much so that we can't even allow, for a mere millisecond for our attention to divert to "other" things which may or may not concern us. Things like "foreign policy." Like who cares, i better get some rest so i can work for Uncle Sam so i don't lose my house on a short sale or foreclosure. Brainwashed? the Media is biased and publishes distorted information. But a lot of people don't critically think, or form their own opinions of things. They don't even do sufficient research to come to a justified understanding of an issue--due to lack of time. Our minds are brainwashed by explicit and implicit subliminal messages. We are bombard every day and there's nothing we can do about it.

    So you see, as long as humans are in existence, war remains an integral, but often highly unnecessary, part of humanity.

  • Humans are Selfish

    War will always be around because too many times humans do not think of others. We think only of ourselves e wish to benefit ourselves. If we realized that we are all connected, what harms another human will harm us we wouldn't have wars because we would be considerate of the other person and not ignoring their needs, dreams etc.

  • Sadly, we will always have wars

    I wish this wasn't true--I wish wars would go away. What is fascinating about war seems to be the desire to control other people. At some level, the individual wants the girl to go out with him, the boss to give him a raise-and he is disappointed. When world leaders get involved with war, the reasons are more complex and yet, not complex at all. Franklin Roosevelt responded to Japan's attack on Pearl Harbor militarily, an understandable reaction, but news sources have revealed that Roosevelt discovered that Japan was planning to attack, and instead of preventing it, he allowed the attack to happen as a way to break his campaign promise that we'd have no foreign wars. In recent times, President Bush went into Afghanistan as retaliation for the 9/11 attacks. Why did he go into Iraq? Were there Weapons of Mass Destruction? Clearly not. Many barbershop wags have posited Bush's attack on Iraq (unprovoked) as a revenge for his father's failures in the 1991 war. Ego can cause war, and the deaths of millions of people. In the U.S. Civil War, called the War Between the States by the South, historians tell schoolchildren it was a war to free the slaves. But we know now that what Lincoln wanted was to keep the Union together, slavery or no slavery. Was keeping the Union together, preventing secession worth six hundred thousand deaths? World War II, some say was a reaction to six million Jewish deaths, but we had no war against Stalin for his 20 million slaughtered, and certainly in Rwanda and Sudan and other countries atrocities continue and we don't police everyone. But now and then a "just war" such as retaliating against the Taliban or an ego war, such as the Iraq insanity abounds, largely because of egos, control, and the natural desire to have your own way, be you a lovestruck 12 year old or a national leader with an old resentment.

  • Survival of the fittest

    Yes, war is an integral part of humanity. Despite it being a bad thing, when a group of people feel threatened or starved for resources, a natural instinct is to fight for what appears to be their survival (regardless if it's actually necessary). If we can help ourselves by fighting ourselves, we'll do it.

  • No, but greed is an integral part of humanity.

    Most wars are started as a result of greed. Think: World War 2, World War 1, the Cold War, to name just a few. All these wars were started as a result of greed: greed for more resources, for more money, or for more power. So while I will say that war is not an integral part of humanity, I will say that greed definitely is.

  • No, Aggression and Fighting Is But Not War

    Aggression and fighting to a certain extent is part of our nature. But "war" is not just aggression and fighting and over time we have found ways to positively channel these things. People can bring their "fights" to court. People can release aggressive feelings in video games and sports. That there are many human beings who despise war in all its forms is proof enough that war is not part of our nature.

  • No, war is about really dumb things.

    War is about money, access to resources and differences in religious beliefs. We don't talk enough about what is integral to humanity or we maybe could come up with some better ideas. It's interesting to think back on when the first "war" was invented and why, don't you think? When did some group decide it was necessary to kill some other group over some issue? Did all of a sudden some genetic propensity to fight become realized? Communication and cooperation might also be considered integral parts of humanity, and both of those could be used to prevent wars.

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