• We're not speaking German right now, are we?

    War is beneficial to the victors, who more or less won the right to maintain their ideas and way of life ... That whole "Greater Good" thing everyone is always going on and on about. Debate and the free exchange of ideas is a wonderful thing ... Until the opposition picks up a sword and tries to force their way upon you.

  • War is not beneficial.

    This question would be answered differently depending on the meaning of 'beneficial'. War is often unavoidable without surrendering a victim nation's freedom or allowing tyranny to overrun the earth. In that sense war is beneficial. But without this necessity, war in and of itself is not beneficial. Were it not for evil people necessitating wars, the world would be a much better place without them.

  • War is harmful!!!!!!!!

    War brings harm to humanity. It kills innocent people, it destroys homes and environment of people. It breaks hearts of others. Even if we not talk about humanity, it kills nature. Every part of the food chain, the forests and all are important. One mini mistake can harm every living creatures. Why can't people find solution in a peaceful way? Like a debate? Does it really costs lives of numeral species and number for a solution between countries????? How would YOU feel if your home and your life is being rampaged by tanks and in the middle of thousands and thousands of gunshots? Posting this reply for yes is easy for you, but it is hard to say yes when you are in the middle of world war two, right?

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