Is war between North Korea and South Korea imminent?

  • War is the only outcome of this mess

    N Korea is hell bent on destroying the USA. Starting in S Korea, they want 1 Korea and want the resources of S Korea. They do have or may at this time have a Nuclear capable warhead. If they don't have 1 YET it will be within 2-3 months. The people of N Korea are not educated enough to see that the Leaders are the ones who are causing this mess. It is the philosophy of keep the people stupid so they wont revolt. (something that is happening in the USA also but that is anther discussion) If and when the USA and also the FREE WORLD knows beyond a shadow of a doubt, that N Korea is a Nuclear Power the Bombs will be dropping. I also feel that the USA is trying to get a feel for what China and Russia will do when the war starts. It is looking more like China and Russia will defend N Korea. They are putting a Missile Defense system up as we speak to shoot down any Missile targeting N Korea. So that is another stoppage at this time for attacking N Korea. There is no other solution except war to stop N korea and the mindset that Nuclear Weapons are the only thing that will protect that Nation from an all out assault from the USA.

    That thinking is not sound. If the US wanted to attack N Korea they would have done it years ago. The Nuclear Weapon deterrence idea that N Korea is using is convoluted and a HUGE LIE. They do not want a Nuke for Deterence they want a NUKE to destroy the USA, JJapan, Guam, Australia, and Hawaii. They will nt I repeat WILL NOT Nuke S Korea. They want S Korea as their own. They want the Technology, the money the infrastructure and the buildings in tact or as much intact as they can be after a conventional weapons war would leave. Now when I say conventional weapons that includes Biological and chemical Weapons. It is a fact that N Korea is its first volleys of Mortar Shells and Bombs will be Bio and Chemical Weapons. That in their thinking will kill a lot of people and cripple the armies of The USA and S korea, and any other free world armies that are there.

  • The US President is an unsophisticated man baby

    The US President is an unsophisticated man baby that feels compelled to prove that he knows best. He believes the problems of the world are very easy to solve. He also believes that he is smarter than the Generals. He will start a war and it will most likely be an all out nuclear strike on North Korea because he sees himself as a winner and in his mind, it will be seen as a bold move that puts the world on notice that he is not bluffing. He is a dangerous man.

  • Indeed, it is.

    The United States has dispatched two aircraft carrier groups and two missile submarines to the area. Doing so is very expensive and if the U.S. wanted to bluff the Norks, there are cheaper ways to do so. You simply don't go to this sort of expense unless you are going to use the assets. Additionally, representatives have arrived in Guam to brief the local government on civil defense and the U.S. air arm based in South Korea is around the clock exercises. Do the math. It's going to happen.

  • Yes, it's imminent

    North Korea's leader is a nutter and he's hell bent on launching. America will protect not only itself but South Korea and Japan. If they make preparations to launch an attack, America will devastate Pyongyang within minutes. It's only a matter of time and a very big signal needs to be sent to their leader so that he understands in no uncertain terms the consequences of any launch attempt

  • Yes, it is

    The North Koreans have for many years been very provocative toward their neighbors to the South. It is only in more recent times that they are really going nuts and are trying to spark a huge conflict. I think that war between the two countries is indeed inevitable in the near future.

  • I wouldn't say imminent, but in less than 5 years

    North Korea is constantly pushing the boundries when it comes to nukes and American influence in South Korea. They are known for being extremely irrational and short sighted. They might start a war for attention, or because they believe they can bring the south back. Plus with all the foreign involvement in North Korea that is doing nothing but piss them off, I say before the end of Obama's term, we'll have a second Korean war

  • The leader seems to be eager to prove that he is capable of war.

    Yes, I believe that the war between North Korea and South Korea is imminent. Many people are under the belief that North Korea just likes to threaten countries, but not act on it, but they are forgetting that Kim Jong Il was the ruler during that time, and now, under Kim Jong Un, there is a very real possibility that he will go to war very soon with South Korea, mainly because he has threatened as such, and he seems to be eager to prove that he is capable of war.

  • Yes, the war is imminent.

    North Korea may not be properly prepared, but they demand power. They want control. Now, will they win? Highly doubtful. They do not have the proper weapons or training. They failed before and they will fail again. The U.S. will back up South Korea, and North Korea will fall. They should rethink this.

  • No, a War Between North and South Korea is not Imminent.

    It is the North that wants the fight but it is also the North that is not prepared in any way for war against a better trained and better equipped military that has the backing of US forces. The economy of the North also can not sustain a war. The country and government cannot even feed its soldiers due to food shortages.

  • No, i wish no

    There will be no war between them, because if you see the Korean news, they tell us about the N. Korea. In the news, they said that most of the weapons are just fake. It's for scare us. They're just crazy bit I think. I don't want any wars between them.

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