• Take WWII, For Example

    If there was someone like Hitler murdering millions of innocent people, a war is needed. Do you really want to negotiate with Hitler? No. You want to make him pay for what he's been doing and the only reasonable and logical way to do that is by winning a war.

  • War is justified, but it is not always right.

    War is usually the more effective way to go than a negotiation. For example, if one of your neighbors came up to you and asked you to give him your house, would you gladly say yes? What if he had threatened that he would burn your house down if you didn't give it to him? Just like with the nations, neighboring countries have asked others to give them land. And this causes a justified war. It may be cruel, making war not right, but it is completely justified and is sometimes the better way to go.

  • There Are Too Many Reasons

    War can be justified, but is not always right.
    1) To stop oppression
    2) Victor decides whether it is just
    3) War is an advancement in human technology and equipment (radio, jeeps, superglue, penicillin)
    4) To protect civilian lives
    5) Peaceful negiotions don’t always work, if your trying to reason with someone like Hitler.

  • Anything can be justified if the victor says so

    If Hitler had won the war he would have been justified, why? Because he can decide it was justified by winning, that's simply how it works, it's the same with deciding who's good and who's evil, the victor gets to decide it, so yes, war can be justified, pretty much anything can be justified

  • Yes, sometimes it's the only way to protect the people

    If a country and its leaders are dealing with an irrational dictator, diplomacy will most likely fail. While diplomacy should be the first course of action, war should follow if it is clear that talking things out will not work. Sometimes, a country has to go to war to protect its people with strength.

  • War is justified to stop oppression.

    War is sometimes a necessary evil to fight for those that cannot fight for themselves. For example, war can overtake an oppressive government that shows little compassion and help towards its citizens. War is justified to help the people that struggle to survive in their homelands when they are being oppressed.

  • Sometimes, peaceful means are not enough.

    War is justified in some cases. This does not, of course, mean that war is a good thing in any sense; however, there are moments in history when aggressors, such as Hitler and Hirohito, arise, and a nation must defend itself and its ideals from destruction. War is not justified as a tool for imperial expansion or the bolstering of national pride, but it is a necessary evil when other nations use war for those reasons.

  • Every major advancement in society is the result of war.

    As long as their is human existence, there is going to be war. Though war is never the desired outcome for any conflict, it is unrealistic to think that it is not justified in some cases. Without war, tyrannical aggressors can have free reign to do as they choose. A war is sometimes necessary for the good of humanity.

  • It is Human Nature

    Unfortunately we do not live in a perfect world where resources are infinite and humans aren't greedy. Diplomatic solutions can work on fringe issues, but when two groups are deeply entrenched in their views, it is impossible to convince them to compromise. I do not advocate for violence, but unfortunately it is necessary to dissuade others from harming you and sometimes to settle disputes. War is justifiable in the sense that you are protecting yourself or protecting your interests or perhaps even protecting others. Violence is just a fact of the human experience; sometimes it is better to be proactive in order to minimize future violence.

  • When you need resources

    I totally support if a country needs resources and others block their transactions or declare some kind of embargo on that nation, that they have all the right to fight back and take what they must for the benefit of the Nation. Lives will die even more if you stand around and do nothing. Wars must be fought for the greater of the people of the nation, not for rich corporations.

  • War is an unnecessary loss of lives

    Primitive behavior such as warfare result from selfishness, greed, and misunderstandings. We should totally avoid warfare and look to better understand our differences and use non-destructive ways to resolve them. In the long run this planet is just a dot in a great enveloping cosmic arena, which exemplifies our responsibility to be kinder to each other and work together to understand why we're even here in the first place.

  • It's just selfish

    Wars are just about who's more selfish. 'Hey, that guy over there has more land than me! Let's go kill him!' When you say "If a country's state is threatened by another country, I believe an intervention, a war, can be justified to prevent the destruction of a country." Not only is this counterintuitive, it's also a very single minded view of things. Attacking a country, thereby destroying several parts of that country, to prevent a war that would destroy a country is self-contradictory. You're starting a war to prevent a war? Wow. How ingenious of you. Also, if all countries and peoples were to stop forcibly taking what isn't theirs in the first place and simply ASK for that thing, be it land or resources, we'd get along a lot better.

  • No, not really but eh.

    Im, thinking war in a very non-american way.
    As in its not this poetic justice of America defeating the evils of the world.
    More of a realistic way described in the Art of war (both Sun Tzu, and Machiavelli), and Clausewitz's On War.
    War is just an extension of politics, and is a failure in Diplomacy.
    So no, every war has the potential of being prevented.
    Just the fact of the matter is, it isnt. And doesn't make it Just.

  • It never is

    When a leader decides to tell their troops to fire the first shot they don’t consider about who will live or die. They just think about protecting their country and their ‘allies’. For example after WWII German was split into 2 and nobody argued with it. Probably because they were afraid of the ‘allies’ and their power. When a country wins a war the country that’s lost families usually fear another war because of who we killed and how we killed them so they’ll go to anyone to protect them. After America created the atom bomb people couldn’t believe the amount of destruction created by it. So they were in fear of this explosive and they wouldn’t want it to be used again. But because of this invention country’s use it as a threat. Look at Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un they both threaten to nuke each other but they don’t think about the civilian casualties instead they think about destroying each other. War can never be seen as justified because innocent children and people die and the leaders couldn’t care less
    (Sorry for any grammatical errors or me going off topic and talking about something else)

  • War is never justifyed

    War is never justified because all it does is bring destruction and kills innocence people. It also brings hardship to the family's who's family's member(s) fought and died in the war. There are are other ways to resolve conflicts like negotiations, and peace talks, meeting together and talking out your differences

  • It is very pointless

    Their is no winning wars if one ends another begins so what is the point of war to waste lives so one side can say it is better than the other there is nothing we can do even if there is world peace we will still have conflicts with ourselves if not other people so lets just stop with the big competition of who is better and just let thing be.

  • War is opptional

    Any and all war can be prevented. Our political figures do not do anything to prevent it. It happens then the govt argue about it like the situation will get better but it wont as long as they keep poking at the bear. War, war never changes. End of story

  • Historically, not in most cases

    War is not something to be taken lightly. There are factors that must be taken into consideration, most particularly the reason for going to war or joining a particular side in an ongoing war. Historically, most of the wars the United States have fought in and started, the motives were dubious. The Civil War was about economics, World War One was about nationalism and the Vietnam War was us trying to make America look invincible. And the 2003 invasion of Iraq was foolishness. The second World War was a fight against tyranny, so that makes it a just war. War costs human lives and devastates countries.

  • Other Means can be used to stop wars

    Wars is just an excuse when two countries do not wish to talk it out in a gentle manner. There are other ways to stop wars such as through negotiations, and peace talks. Some might argue that if they fail, war is inevitable, but the leaders could have been more patient till things are settled.

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