• Because of war we are having medicines

    If people fight in WW1 or WW2 what will happen is people will die or injured. Say lots of people in war lost their face. Than doctors will try to provide and invent medicine that could fix their face.

    For example in one country they use gun and other don't. Doctors in the country with no guns will not know how to cure someone who has is shoot by the gun. But the other country will do.

  • War Can be Good

    Not everything about war is good but without it so many parts of our lives would be different. Billions would be dead because we just let the tyrants of this world walk over us. War needs to happen for us to protect people and stop bad things from happening. It may be a horrible prospect but in the long run everyone can have better lives because of the result of a war.

  • War can save lives

    Scenario: what if say a country has a struggling economy like Germany after WW1, but there never was a war it’s just struggling. If some man like Hitler says it was “this group of people” and the country puts him or her in power and starts killing them what do you do? Let them do it? Wait for them to get assassinated? You would intervene to stop them but there’s no idea of war to do that. It’s a rare scenario but it can happen. People like to blame things for hurting them. War is also in our nature. There is ways in war is bad but it sometimes needs to happen.

  • WAR is your mom

    War is not necessary. Without war, we would not have been able to learn from our mistakes. War brings people together in times of need. People see the adverse effects it has on other countries, and people feel empathy because of that. War can be bad and good. It is not necessary but is helpful. UR MOM

  • War is good at the same time bad.

    Humans have the DNA of both love and hatred. You can love your neighbors at the same time jealous of their beautiful house. War provide an external pressure for a society thus concentrate the society, placing people's love and hate in the right place. War is good because it is necessary at least for now. Bad because.... Check out the right side.

  • War is vital

    It's highly needed in some cases to boost the economy- personally I find it highly entertaining. No, I don't say that because I've played Call of Duty but I enjoy the emotions that stir and pride on the battlefield. No matter what war will occur in any form or method possible.

  • We need war.

    If there is no more wars then we would not be America. We would be part of some other country.We would be living your life without freedom, without rights, and we could not live our life. We need war to keep out terrorists. Also it will keep us, America independent.

  • War is good

    War is good because it stops terrorists from roaming the streets and just killing people at random.It supplys jobs for people and protects people.It shows that people are happy to support there country ! ! ! !! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

  • War makes peace

    Ask Churchill for details because he helped us win the war and if he didn't we would be screwed and do the harlem shake dodododododododo dod dodod dododo dododod dododo do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do got em

  • War is good

    People go to war for 2 reasons . 1 they want there family and friends to stay safe and 2 without war politicians and terrorists will run the world it would be like the purge but everyday. America would be British,Jews would be all dead due to Hitler,and ISIS would have a major grip on the world

  • War is cruel, Destructive and harmful

    It can cause harm to innocent people. Killing a lot of innocent people is as bad as seeing you’re country lose in a war. Instead of violently hurting people why not express your points to through words like what Mahatma Gandhi did. He led India to it’ independence against the British rule. Countries can also be damaged through wars. Many millions of dollars are spent and inflation can be caused. Imagine seeing your country living in poverty. Weapons, Tanks, Naval ships and military planes each cost billions. A war gives away a fifty fifty chance between the countries that are fighting and if you lose, It will be a big loss for your country.

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  • War is bad

    War is the cause of soldier suffering from many countries. Countries can also be damaged during war. Many millions of dollars are spent and inflation can be caused. Many soldiers will never recover from their devastating experiences in the many battles. Many families will be broken in the war. These are the reasons war is bad

  • War is foolish.

    Maybe we "needed" wars when we did not understand fundamental human rights, circles of empathy or where rain comes from. But now we do, we should not make the same mistakes our ancestors made. We can grw out of war and make peace. War is just a way of making money for people who sell guns.

  • Michael is an author

    War is not good because people die and its bad because people are hurt and that is very sad :( war doesnt solve anything, we can all just sit down with a cup of tea and have a chat. Why do we have war? I need six more words, done.

  • War isnt neccesary

    IF there was peace and no war, then no one will get hurt. If every country worked as one but still had rules like us in the US, then we can help each other out and turning our soilders into guardians of our country just in case some threats come. We can all do things we still do with our laws just without war

  • It's a piece of cake

    To bake a pretty cake, if the way is hazy. You gotta do the cooking by the book. You know you can not be lazy. Never use a messy recipe. Or it will end up crazy. Gotta do the cooking by the book. And then you will have a war

  • Break it down

    Let me see you back it up drop dat a down low and pick it up. Its a piece of cake to bake a pretty cake if the way is hazy gotta do the cooking by the book you know you cant be lazy never use a messy recipe bap

  • War Is Never Good

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  • NO it's Not

    Even though it may give jobs to people that need it why don't we think about the family's that have had their husband taken away or been taken hostage just like the intro to fallout 4 "War! War never changes" because it never does its always about the same things Rights, Resources, or Power for their nation.

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