• "It's for the greater of good" It really isn't.

    I think it is. War is unnecessary, it doesn't need to happen but its still happens. I don't understand why people would want to go to war for an Individual who wants money, power, land and are usually greedy, and that's what it is. Not going to war for our country, its going to war for one person, who thinks "they know what's best" for population of the country. It is murder as many people nowadays choose on their own free will to go into the war and "support their country".

    They think war is the best and the only option when its the worst option there is.

  • It always will be

    Murdering other human beings for political aims teaches us to be disrespectful and show disregard to other human beings. War teaches us that violence, selective compassion, misinformation and manipulation are the answer to our problems. We should have control over our own lives, and be raised as gentle, intelligent and compassionate human beings who fight to protect the sanctity of life, not go out and destroy it because we were ordered too.

  • It is not murder

    In war, people fight to earn what they want. They fight to save their love one and defense their country. Even though it is violence it is to protect the people in their own country. It is the only way to destroy the other country because it is the only way to live in this world

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