• War is necessary for humanity to progress.

    War is necessary for humanity to evolve and progress in this world we live in today.

    The problem is war cannot be "Stopped" unless you wipe out the whole country then this also created war because you have just successfully wiped out a entire country!
    Plus without war we most likely would not have anything that we have today without the lessons that we have learnt thought the bloodshed of WAR. An example is that without the UN there may be nothing to wage war against?

    We don't know what life would be like without the lessons that we have learnt from war, it could be a perfect life or a life of slavery we literally don' know.

  • Ensures human progress

    Most of the wonderful things we have nowadays were all funded by governments during war time from jet engines and rockets to the Internet. Another is that it ensures humanity to progress, imagine a world without WWII or WWIII progress would be slow..Women may or may not after a long time become equal to men, blacks may or may not be treated as equal but it would if they did happen take much longer than they did. All the things we enjoy now which come to as a result of WWII never happen, so no Internet, no computer, no cell phones...Well you get the point.

  • Human nature dictates hippies smoke too much green

    I believe all of humanity will think like an Ivy League Greco-Roman spoiled millennial with constant internet connections. Therefore self exploration and deviant behavior will become the world wide norm as population levels plummet in developed nations.

    HA! Religious fundamentalists who like violence have more kids than anyone and whether or not they starve or have nonstop wars their populations always go up. Enjoy Pax Americana while it lasts, there are only so many Mexicans who will fight in the US Army because it might cause Gen Y to suffer human rights violations to actually do something besides support EU laws on twitter.

  • War is necessary for obtaining more resources

    The question you have asked in the title makes no sense: 'Is war necessary?' War is not necessary in the abstract sense, because such a concept is meaningless. War is necessary or not necessary for some end purpose. War is necessary for obtaining more resources from someone else quickly, or for vanquishing people you don't like, etc. War is not necessary for making friends with others or for deciding where to go for lunch. The answer of 'yes' or 'no' all depends on the end purpose. As a result, I say the question itself is meaningless, and noone can give a proper response.

  • War is a necessary evil because it ensure the entire human race survivor

    We live in a universe that appear to be indifferent cold and dangerous, the existence of whole species can be wipe out by many reasons. One of those reasons is the potential conflict with another sentience species, AI, Alien, genetic uplifted species...Etc. War may be the stimulation we need to ensure our survivor. Sentient species that prepared for these encounter will thrive. A warrior race may have more beneficial traits than its counterpart. . However, like with everything in life, moderation(balance between war and peace) is the key. A race that go to the extreme of war and destruction will soon perish. A race of peace loving, safe zoning hippy will not survive long either.

  • War is a nasty, bitter thing that helps push humanity forward.

    War brings about destruction, unlike anything we have seen before. War brings pain and suffering to us and it leads to loss. But, war also brings improvement and acts as an economic catalyst. War increases domestic manufacturing and has proven to be a catalyst for some great inventions. Nuclear power wouldn't have been discovered as early as it had without war. It pushes humanity to create. It also teaches us great lessons about morality and humanity.

  • Big nibba coming for u

    Big nibba got big brain to use big gun to shoot big bullet to make big damage so big destruction to cause big death to make big cancer to be big lord so big god can be big nibba's big bitch so big nibba eats big asteroid to save big planet

  • War is good for for the longer stretch.

    I think war is good because when war breaks out armies need supplies
    to survive opening new jobs therefore boosting the economy. Also the world is over populated so if war breaks out people will die making less people in the world helping others live. Yes it's sad people die but if it's for the better why not.

  • Fight you pussy

    What happens when we get bommbed by isis ? Do we sit back and take it or put a bullet in there head for killing inocent people ? Idk about you but I would f***ing take em out! But you can be a wimp and curl up in a conner and cry or fight like an American

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    CHECK YOUR HISTORY BOOKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a sa s asas asasa s asa sa s as as as as

  • War is not necesary

    For thousand of years religion, fear, intolerance, and other things have caused unnecesarry wars to start. The excuse, i am starting a war with them because i don't want them to start a war with us is a ridiculous excuse. The simple truth is that when wars start it is the decion of the president and the government. Whether you support the war or not does not matter, the person who starts the war is who should be fought, not the thousands of inocent people who get in the way of soldiers

  • Only if there is truly evil that must be stopped

    Wars must not be caused simply by differences and disagreements. One must cause evil, like that of Hitler, Stalin, and all the other dictators of our history, to necessarily start a war. If there was an efficient, accurate device that we could use to know people were speaking the truth, feeling what they feel (not liking it, I mean like how you feel someone's intense glare directed towards you), then maybe we would either try to make peace or simply capture and execute them, the ones who are genuinely responsible for evil-not the innocent citizens of that country as well. Having a heartless person as your leader does not make all of the citizens like him/her. Do you think everyone in this country supports Obama? No. Or all Germans supported Hitler? Or all Russians supported Stalin? No. There have been rebels in every country, or should I say wannabe rebels or just citizens who disagree with their leader. As well. There wil always be likers, haters, and lovers. That is how life is.

    But if you can hear me, America, I ESPECIALLY ask you to not hurt the citizens. It is the government that has done wrong, not the citizens. And if you believe that the people approved of what Hitler did because they voted for him, you're wrong. We are lied to-we hear what we want to hear so they can deceive us into trusting them-and we do not always use lie detectors (we should). You know people can be expert liars.

  • Too Much Pain

    Military families from all around are silently and non silently grieving the deaths of friends and family. Wherever they are from, the pain of losing a close one still stings just as much. The death counts are tremendous and ever growing. The death cont is to much to bear for all.

  • War is absolutely FRUITLESS!

    It sucks, it wastes valuable human lives, it destroys families forever, it wastes resources, it brings guilt, except for the government... It does absolutely nothing, i wish it would stop bcuz its really bad for the world and all of the entire human race and i hate america most of all

  • I want that

    I want his land his wife his son his daughter I want what he's got is why war starts. If everyone could just be ok with what they have and share there gifts with people who don't there would be no war. I'm 16 years old and I know that there's not one man that comes back after killing people and watching his friends die just come out and say I love war. No who cares if they have a different religion then you let make there own choices. And if they don't believe in freedom lead by example don't shoot some of them or blow them up because we all no that's not how people agree with you. Ow look you shot my brother well i guess you where right all along.

  • Peace not war

    No, we neeeeeed peace across the world HEAL THE WORLD. We need people helping each other not killing each other. Were just wasting the precious lives of human beings. Were also wasting a lot of resources. Lots of amilys are destroyed JUSR STOP THE WAR PLZZ make it rain plz

  • No more war

    No war is not necessary because everyone should be getting along and plus I think earth really should be a happy and safe place. So I hope all the war is so over I also think all the fighting should just please please please just stop all the crazy wars.

  • War is decided by the few and fought by the many

    Who gets to decide who fights and dies in war? The very people who make these decisions are often not the ones fighting on the front lines themselves, particularly in the USA. War is indeed and huge business and economic driver. We have learned how to destroy entire cities with one bomb and wipe out an entire population efficiently and effectively. People argue that many good things have come from war, however these "good things" could've been obtained without human lives being the ultimate cost.

  • America is the worlds police

    America is arguably the strongest power in the world. War is necessary to relinquish evil such as Joseph Stalin and Adolf Hitler and to support people who stand for what we do as Americans that being liberty and democracy for all. South Korea would be part of North and Vietnam would've been hopeless for example if we had not intervened.We also need to take part in wars such as the Iraq war since the U.S supplied the Taliban with weaponry thinking that they could take out terrorist threats in the Persian Gulf while they only became the terrorists. The world needs us to be police and protect them.

  • Not Important Anymore

    If your only reason for supporting war is that it has brought a lot of good then you are thinking too far in the past. War has done a lot but right now thinking in the present there is no need for war. If we wanted to have advancements we should stop spending billions a year on war and invest in scientific and academic things. Of all the ways the advance humanity, war is the least effective. It is just unnecessary war and suffering.

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BlackOpal97 says2015-06-27T10:44:58.610
If our nation is fighting to survive an attack by another nation
BlackOpal97 says2015-06-27T10:45:40.997
I mean your

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