• Sometimes yes, sometimes no.

    When we go to war to protect ourselves, or others, or our American interests, yes it is right. For example, going to war with a country that invades our sovereign borders "like Mexico" would be absolutely justified. However arming our enemies, as Obama is doing by putting arms into the hand of Al Qaeda in Syria is not only unjustified, it's evil

  • Still torn in between but yes I feel like its a good thing.

    Yes I do think in a way war is a necessary evil. I don't condone violence but in my belief system we should ONLY defend ourselves if there is a certain threat to the people, I believe every person regardless of RACE, gender, or other genetic factors, religion, etc... Should be able to defend themselves away from people who mean to do them physical harm. HOWEVER I believe war is for extreme cases only, I believe that sometimes you can find a more positive solution and war should only be reserved for the most extreme of cases. I think its a pick and choose your fights kind of situation, as it should be in life.

  • Only if all other means fail

    War is violence and violence done in the name of self-defense is not frowned upon. But with war, the level of horror and desolation is much higher than something like defending your home against burglars. Because of this, only under narrow circumstances is war morally justifiable. There are always alternatives.

  • War is predominately wrong, but in rare occasions it is right. It should only be a last resort option to dispute an argument.

    I do not condone violence unless it is necessary. By necessary I am meaning only if your (or someone else's) life is being threatened. Basically, a last resort to defend yourself (or someone else).

    War is a major part of history and teaches us much whether it be good or bad things. It shows us the horrible reality of what fighting and death is like. It even reveals the dark sides of humanity. War is often associated with the greedy and hateful nature of people (commonly the leaders). Often countries wage war for territory, recourses, and annihilation of a certain group of people. Ultimately, for power and control. However, war allows us to see the sliver hint of morality in humans too. There's always a small crowd who'll lay their life on the line to bring out the truth and do what's right. These people will risk their life to protect others and attempt to stop the corruption and violence feuding between the countries (or war feuding between regions of the same country).

    War is predominately wrong. As I have stated in my previous paragraph, war is often waged for the greedy and hateful desires of our leaders (and is backed up by people who share the same desire as them or is unaware of the true intent of the war). However, it is sometimes necessary to carry out war to prevent imposing danger to the citizens as a whole.

  • War is not right, however this does not mean getting involved is always wrong.

    War is not right, this is due to the fact that war only comes from people in power trying to attain more power. In the process millions of innocent people's life are wiped out, in the Korean War for example almost 60% of the population were wiped out, this I may add was through no fault of their own. However although I stand by the fact war is not right, Iraq for incidence was an example of an unjust war and demonstrated Americas pursuit of oil, casting a blind eye to the troubles they have caused others, I would also argue that getting involved in war is sometimes right as it is for the greater good, conversally this does not mean that war is right as it takes two sides to be a war, one of those sides is always acting in its own self interest.

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