• War is the most useful thing

    War is only useful for taking, Making and ect. War= power and power= money that’s what war can do to us it’s how super powers stay rich and lots of trade but war is war it’s a social thing sometimes or a messed up thing but if anything war has been here since the beginning of time or before that.

  • Oil, Money, Resources, And lots more

    War is useful for these things even drugs how else do we make money I I I I I I. I I I I I ice. If I. I I IOC i. Haydn was is Johnson and he was elected by rjdjmd did dodge did did did did did David dk

  • War can sometimes saves a countries economy, just look at Americas during WW2

    Even though most people don't want to accept it, war is just a part of life. If your a Christian, even the angels fought and they were considered holy and perfect. But religion aside, before and during the beginning WW2, America was going through the worst depression in its entire history. And what brought America out of it? War. America has always been able to keep its economy somewhat stable because of war. When we fight war, more tanks, planes, helicopters and weapons need to be built. Therefore jobs are needed, which put money in peoples pockets, which in turns gives them money to spend.

    I will admit, war is no fun and no one likes it, but its needed to keep some countries afloat.

  • Whether we like it or not

    War pushes people to act together. Although peace doesn't cause any harm, you often end up with two enitites of conflicting opinion. There are times where no common ground can be made. Is war nesscary? "Oh HAILL NAH" Does that mean people are going to stop arguing? NOPE Simply put, even though war is terrible it has led to lots of social and technological advances.

  • It is useful.

    War can be useful in a round about way by removing bad leaders giving freedom to peoples and in some sense a way of bringing forth developments in materials ideas and technology. Also war can have a rejuvenating effect on nations.. For instance the 2nd world war brought about a cede change in political thinking and national identity of the waring nations of Europe and far east , also the war damaged nations where able to sweep away the old housing stock which was damaged and raised to the ground by the bombing. Once the war was over the rebuilding began and a whole new period began sweeping away the dereliction to be replaced with modern homes that were hundreds of times better than that what they replaced.

  • War has its uses.

    War has many uses. The number one is the defense and protection of a nation. The second is the acquisition of land and resources. The third, and more gruesome, is population control. Many people participated in the two World Wars. A lot died. It may not be right, but it is necessary. Humans have become so numerous, and so advanced, we have no natural enemies outside of our own species.

  • Nothing Good Comes from War. Why fight when you can converse?

    Nothing good comes from war. War does not discriminate. It kills good people, peace-loving people, as well as those who are evil. All our prophets have stressed peace.

    To remove a few bad people, you will destroy a whole country and perhaps the world. To rid yourself of one bad person, you would kill countless children and parents. Think of the cries of the orphans for their parents; think of the cries of the parents for their children. There are always bad people in the world. But to remove them you don't need to kill everyone. Many good, peace-loving, innocent people also live in their country.

    Innocent people are always killed in greater numbers than the clever ones who are responsible for creating terrorism or rebellion. In any conflict, the innocent are killed, whereas the creators of the problem go safely in their flag-decorated cars and sleep peacefully at night in their homes. The trouble-makers are never eliminated easily, whereas the innocent face great sufferings. Use the latest technology and policies to find such culprits and destroy the roots of the problem. Otherwise, the innocent children, women, and elderly people may be killed while the root of the evil may persist and grow into a tree. While the masterminds behind the evil plans sit safely in their houses and make further plans, thousands of innocent people will die. The crying of their loved ones will never let you live peacefully. War is absolutely not good for anything even if intentions are well put. It definitely hurts more because of the people and resources used as well as time, etc. Why fight when you can converse? There have been too many fights, battles, and wars in the past and present and probably in the future as well. Guess there's not much we can do since there will always be differing opinions and idiotic views; brace yourselves.

  • The solutions for conflict come in different forms but war is definitely the worst answer

    We, humans, praise ourselves for the superior intelligence comparing to other species, but our settlement of disputes seems to contradict to our evolution. Throughout the history, war is not only a dissipation of human resources but also a anthropic regression that should not be encouraged in any form.

    America is one of the countries which experienced the consequences of war first-hand. Documents show how gruesome the battlefields were with scattering cadavers, how grievous the family felt when they received the death notice of their sons or their husbands. Every war comes with the heavy burden on the economy with billions infrastructure damage, hence retrogresses decades of development.

    The cost for war accounts for an enormous amount of national budget. The U.S military expenditure is amongst the highest, which means our monthly tax goes to killing others' lives instead of better health care, transportation and education facility or helping paying government debt.

  • Oh its useful...But only to a relative minority in society.

    Of course war is useful, especially if you are a major company specialising in the production of weapons to fight wars with. So war-profiteering is our first use of war. Then, of course, if you are a politician and there's some juicy resources that you can steal and hand over to your capitalist benefactors ,who fund your election campaigns, then yes war is useful. So the acquisition of land and resources is our second use of war. We could go on indefinitely about the benefits of war for these individuals, but instead let's assess just how useful war is for the majority of a nation's people. War is not useful if you are a typical citizen, who just wants to get on with life and ultimately has nothing to do with the conflict in the first place. War is also not useful if you are a scientist whose research, due to lack of funding, has to switch from peaceful purposes, you know useful things, to finding new ways of killing as many people as possible in the shortest possible time. Ultimately, war is only useful to those that serve to benefit from it, namely society's elites. For the majority of people, nothing but needless, senseless death awaits, and equally bleak grief for the families and friends of those departed.

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