• Yes, no, maybe, sometimes, not really

    Eh, war is war and although it divides the human race, war is human nature. War is only worth it, if your fighting for freedom, peace, and equality. People have different opinions and beliefs, but war can bring out the bad side of these. I'm on the fence here, its a difficult question.

  • It's the lesser of two evils

    Unless we fight back against those terrible groups throughout history (Nazis, ISIS, etc.), even more people will die in the end. It's better off that men and women die defending their ideals and their country than innocent people die due to terrible people doing terrible things. This is why I would say that war is the lesser of two evils, and is the only way to protect against the extreme dangers in history.

  • How do we stop them

    It is human nature. If we didn't fight the Nazis, how many people would have died. They are estimates 50 million people would have died,exterminating every Slav, Jew, Gypsy, homosexual, or desapled. I am not supporting wars for gains of profit. I am talking about war to free and protect people. Wars for freedom, prosperity for the oppressed.

  • Is War really Worth it?

    Is war, with all of its destruction, still beneficial? This is a heavy topic to answer, due to the casualties of all the combatants. And over time, as technological advancements have taken warfare to a higher level. Not only can we shoot rounds at a higher velocity, but most of the weapons used are fully automatic. Which gives more and more possibilities of more destruction to be done to the country, civilians, and the enemies. But war is still war, it will never change. It will only get a makeover every time new weapons are introduced.
    Yes war is beneficial, the reason that is my opinion is due to the following. First not only will it show to others that have the same ideology (terrorism, communism, ect.) that the countries fighting against the ideology will not step down until it’s over. Second, after the war is finished the country it took part in will have to rebuild everything, this has the possibility to improve their economic state with jobs. It’s not a good thing that buildings get blown to bits and pieces, it could have been people's homes, a shop that they own, or a school. If those buildings go down, they can be rebuilt, and stronger. For an example when the world trade centers went down, we mourned the loss of the the lives that were taken from the families. But we built a memorial, and now a new world trade center, which just shows with a large loss like that there will be a shock factor, but from the debris there will be something beautiful to come out of it in time. Then my final point is that many brave men and women put themselves their to protect what they love, what they want to make sure they come home to see even if they come home. They want the future generations to know that they didn’t fight for the pleasure of it, but to make sure our flag will fly in the wind, and our land will be free.
    In conclusion war has its ups and downs, but in the end of it all it will show how the country will come together as a community and rebuild what was lost. How nothing is permanent, how life can change. War never changes, it just evolves into a greater power.

  • Past Wars Have Improved Situations

    In general, it is hard to say that war is, "worth it." However, when we look back in history to some wars have greatly improved people's lives. With that said, for every war that has improved a situation, there are plenty of examples where the opposite has happened. War is inherently bad, however, as it is the physical realization of human beings being violent.

  • No no no no no

    There should be no war because war makes a lot of evil - people are killed, wounded, raped, detained. Cities and villages are ruined. It takes many years of peace to fix few years of war. It also costs alot of money and economic devestation.Very bad people get together in nations, and they do things that should not be done. The citizens of the nation should stop that.. Sometimes they do. Where they don't, you have a rogue state and what they will do to sustain themselves is almost unlimited.. Or unlimited.

  • War is not worth it.

    War is never worth it. The ones who decide to go to war are never the ones fighting and dying it it. Neither are their families and friends. Wars are fought by poor people fighting for the rich. Ie, commercial companies who have politicians in their pockets. Bash and Blair are war criminals that need to be tried before they die.

  • War is bad

    Becaus why lose tons of peopl from your country who are innocent when you can just stay at home and watch tv or play hockey/football . There is no need to just kill thousands maybe millions of peole just to have a war you probably dont even need
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  • No. Just simply no.

    War doesn't show how good of a country you are. War doesn't show whether or not you're right in a situation. War doesn't even show superiority. The only thing war shows is how good you are at killing your own kind. And to be perfectly honest, who wants to know that.

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