Is Warlock an offensive term for a practicing male witch?

  • Yes, It is.

    Although I can see the idea of reclaiming the word, I think its origins are just too hurtful. It was used as an insult by Christians. It means oathbreaker in a very severe way as someone who was exiled from their coven or someone who broke their contract with God and are not permanently evil (in Christianity). Satanists who use the word as it means something different to them are fine. It depends on the tradition.

    Here is an excerpt on why many consider it offensive.

    " By studying pagan history, We can see how Christianity and Christian agents of change attempted to erase the entire notion of witches, Witchcraft, And all remnants of what they deemed as pagan beliefs. One of the ways they were successful was to label, Divide, And create suspicion within communities. They knew who the non-Christian spiritual leaders were and what their methods were. All they had to do was to demonize both in order to destroy the ancient beliefs or to drive the leaders away. One of the ways they attacked male witches was to call them warlocks; a derogatory term which would raise suspicion and create fear in a community. The worst part is that the crimes of the past are still embedded in the world we live in today. Mainstream on-line resources such as Dictionary. Com and Merriam-Webster define Warlock as “a man who professes or is supposed to practice magic or sorcery; a male witch” or “a man practicing the black arts. ” Both are incorrect descriptions and fail to present any researched study on the origin of the word and it’s use over time. "

  • No, Stupid liberal

    I have a right to call warlocks what I want, They're just stupid snowflake pagans if they think the term "warlock" is too offensive. If its purpose was to be an offensive word, So be it, I'm still going to use it. I have a right to call heretics what I want, It's called the First Amendment. Facts don't care about your feelings, Liberal.

  • Usually, It is women that complain of sexist terms!

    Wiccans are not the only people that practice witchcraft. In fact, Wicca is only less than a century old. There are other supposed witchcraft religions as well, Such as Voodoo, And yes, Satanism (both theistic & atheistic), Contrary to what Wiccans may tell you. Maybe Wiccans find the term 'warlock' offensive, But, Other witchcraft-religious groups might use that term for a male witch or possibly even 'wizard. '

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