• He is a liar

    Warren jeffs whole deal with molesting people is that he was a prophet and sadly many people bought his story, however after getting arrested (again) he openly admitted that he lied to his followers and that he is not a prophet. Plus they found a bed that he made specifically to molest children.

  • Warren Jeffs is a pervert.

    Warren Jeffs is a pervert. He is a disgusting individual that preys on young children without abandon. He created a cult so that he could be married to many young girls and do extremely disgusting things with them. He is hated by the entire world and should rightfully spend the rest of his life in jail.

  • Warren Jeff's trial is a no brainer

    Absolutely, Warren Jeff is a pervert and clearly mental unstable. There is no other way around child sexual abuse, and I feel he deserved what he got. Only a pervert would choose to sexually assault and molest young children, either male or female, and I am happy he was convicted.

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