Is Washington state's I-522 beneficial (yes) or harmful (no)?

Asked by: eb101010
  • I-522 is another step toward full disclosure

    There are consumers now that do not even realize the genetic manipulation that is going on with foods, and if manufacturers are allowed to keep it quiet then it will continue to get worse along with every other cost cutting measure they employ at the cost of our health and longevity. This measure would be a step in the direction toward educating consumers and enhancing their awareness. Perhaps some day enough consumers might vote with their shopping to make truly natural foods a viable choice for producers to provide.

  • Genetically Modified Foods are Not Harmful

    Washington State's I-522 concerns labeling of genetically modified organisms (GMO) used for food. There is a lot of misunderstanding and unnecessary fear about GMOs and labeling is just going to create more panic. What we need is proper education about GMOs starting with the fact that they are not substantively different from other foods, the modifications generally have to do with making the plants heartier growing and do not affect the nutrition or make the food dangerous in any way.

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