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  • Is Wasting Light a better album than Concrete and Gold? No, It is not

    Let's talk about Sunday Rain, We get to hear Taylor Hawkins singing and playing the drums at the s a m e time. We have fire songs like Make It Right and La Dee Da, Mixture of sad and fire songs like Dirty Water, Run and The Sky Is A Neighborhood. And yes, I was really impressed in 2011 with Wasting Light but unfortunately all of the songs at some point sound the same and they are just fire and are just fire. And we don't get to hear Taylor's angelical voice. I'm aware that a lot o people are not going to think the same but in my perspective a good album is one that has variety in it, I would be happy to hear other opinions about this two great albums (because I'm not saying that Wasting Light is trash, In fact it is my second favorite album of all times)

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