• The movie is better

    I believe my statement because not only does the video give you entertainment it lets you focus on other important facts on the movie which you can use in everyday life it also includes ideas to influence life for example "The Monsters Are Due On Maple Street" it tells how people can easily blame others and this is an important factor for us humans to trust each other so this movie gives us a good example but the audio and script don't tell the plot as well as the video.

  • Movies are more convenient.

    Movies are more convenient because we don't need to talk or peer at small words. Also, I have a bad experience in my eye by reading a book. That's why I get glasses,and we could only read it with only 1sense, sight. We could feel movies in 2senses, sight and hearing the movies. This was my reasons, thank you.

  • Yes, and it can even be proven!

    By considering that you can read a book inside a video, by having the video display the book to you, you can prove that videos are better than books.
    Imagine there is a set that has every feature books have. Then there is a set that has every feature videos have.
    By considering what was stated at the beginning, one can conclude that the set of video characteristics must be bigger than the set of the characteristics of books, thus, videos have to be able to be better.

  • Movies are better than books

    There are many reasons why movies are better than books. I will only be talking about three reasons in this essay. The first reason is that it’s easier to understand in the movie then he book. The second reason is that movies are better for learning. Many people are visual learners, meaning they need to see things to learn. The third reason is that movies are better appealing. They don’t take so much time as the book. There are many more reasons.

  • Watching is better than reading.

    If you are reading and u lose concentration for a second you forget everything while if you are watching a movie you can Paise it for 15 minutes and come back remembering every single detail. Also in reading you need to visualize and I don't think I do it right I can't remember what were the characteristics of the person in the begging of the book if I easily lose concentration. Brooks are just a boring amount of words that will confuse my brain to death. Watching is much easier because all the information is already there the 2 pages just to discribe the place can be seen in seconds. You can remember the details easier while watching cuz the image is there it your brain while words won't help you remember how the characteristics looked like :P

  • Watching movies is better

    Watching movie can influence people's perception to the world. For example if there was a movie about nationalism , i believe that people who watch that will blove their country . And also watching movie can actually see the real when reading book is much more difficult , because we have to interpret it , and so forth

  • Books are better all around.

    Yes, movies may give you a different perspective all around, but books can leave so much up to your mind. Nothing is the same. If I wrote;
    She swiftly crawled up the ladder, making no noises, trying to escape her own fear.
    That leaves soooo much to your mind. What is she afraid of? Where is the ladder?
    Theres so much more in books than in movies, and I think that books are a better pastime.

  • Vocabulary, knowledge, creativity.

    I enjoyed perusing the comments for this vote. I find that those for movies (and I love my movies) have a slightly less disciplined vocabulary and lower writing skill than those of book readers. From the Paise or pause, then for than, to the lack of commas needed. There was one post that made no sense but I am sure they would be able to speak it in a movie. (just a little humor don't be indignant or get exasperated)
    I am by no means perfect and I do not read as much as I think I should. This is obvious to me as I write. I agree with the entertainment argument and even the education argument has a fair point. I am a physical learner, so I tend to pay attention to video more than I do when I am reading but I think that stems mostly from me being lazy and not wanting to use the "think muscles" in my brain. I honestly do not think one is completely better than the other. They both have their purpose and place. Depending on the information you are hoping to acquire, one may be better than the other. The tool will depend on the situation.

  • It really depends. 😁

    I'd say reading would be more beneficial if we talk about learning. You learn a lot more when you read because you put more efforts on it, you literally use your brain, you read, you think. Unlike when you're just watching, you're just waiting for the next scene without having the time to think or to provide your own opinion etc. You won't be able to absorb everything on what you are watching. BUT, if we talk about entertainment only, watching is better. No pressure, just going with the flow. (I prefer watching a movie than reading a book as well. Lol.)

  • Videos are better than books.

    If people don't have enough time to read the book, the video can give a quick summary of it. Also, people pay more attention to videos than actually reading the book. For example, said that "Middle-class parents should not be afraid of letting their children play computer games because the experience is more creative than reading...'' This is why watching videos are better than books.

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