• We need water!

    If we don't have water, We can't live! We are made of 60% water. Water pollution is killing millions of fish a year. Soon there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish. We need to stop dumping waste in the ocean. Remember, Water is important to life. .

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  • Yes, it is

    In your lifetime, recall the diseases you had in past, 90% of them would be water borne and not air borne, polluted water/water borne disease vectors are directly related to human health. That is why we prefer to install an RO filter over a gas mask. Polluted air is a concern in occupational hazards

  • Yes water pollution may be more dangerous than air pollution

    Water pollution is a serious problem and possibly more dangerous than air pollution because ocean life is extremely vulnerable and vital to all life. Water pollution endangers a large portion of the food supply, as fish and other sea food become too toxic to safely consume. If the plant life dies off from contamination we will see greenhouse gases rise even more as the oceans remove much carbon dioxide from the air.

  • Yes, right now it is

    We drink that water right now, air pollution is a long term effect. I think once the water is ruined the long term effect is goign to ruin generations. The same with air pollution,but water has both a long term effect and a short term effect. It should be solved faster.

  • Yes, water pollution is more dangerous.

    I definitely think that water pollution is more dangerous than air pollution is to the longer term. I think that while air pollution is something everybody should take seriously, water safety is a lot more important. Without a clean source of water drinking supply, it would harm society a lot more.

  • We breathe air which means that we need air more than water.

    If we have air pollution then we'll sure have water pollution, which means that air pollution is connected to water pollution. Because if have water pollution we wont have air pollution but if we have air pollution, then this air pollution will cause the water pollution. And water pollution needs the RO filter whereas the air it need more affects, and has more effects.

  • Air pollution is proving to be more dangerous long-term

    Water pollution and air pollution both have their own levels of impact. They can also both be managed naturally by the environments themselves. The long-term effects are typically linked to how high the saturation is of a certain pollutant. Plants have the natural ability to refine both air pollutants and water pollutants. However, their stamina in such matters is limited. Since there are significantly more air pollutants that escape regulation, this is the more dangerous of the two options.

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