• Water is racist!

    Water is racist, Because it rains considerably less in many parts of Africa then any other place. This is proof that water is racist! And, If you disagree with me, Then you're a racist, Sexist, Loser! And, You're a fascist! Change my mind!

    Btw, R/woosh. If you're think this comment is real, Then you're stupid.

  • Water killed my family (they are white)

    I hate water, It killed my family. Apparently its because "I put to much cyanide in their water" But I think 6. 4 oz of cyanide is perfectly fine for human consumption I mean, Come on people, It's just common sense, Water is heavily and extreamly racist (plus Epstien didn't kill himself)

  • It caused the Civil War

    Water is the most racist thing ever because white water i. E milk is good for you. While black water is dirty and unhealthy. Not just that but water is deadly to Africans and not white people so that is another reason. The entire reason the south in America 1800's thought that black people were bad because of water which caused the Civil War.

  • Bolack people age

    B e c a u e s e w a t e r i s a r a c i s t t h i n g t o h u m a n i t y a n d t h a y w h y p e r i o d.

  • Water isn't racist.

    To those turdheads who really think water is racist, Water is created well before humanity. Racism is a human term. Water hasn't been conceptually changed all to the tip of all atoms ever, So it cannot be racist.

    No one "made" water. Water is created by mother nature. If there is flood in Europe and droughts in Africa you can't say it is racist because temperate and cool regions tends to have more precipitation than tropical regions.

  • Yeah I know this is satire just commenting for fun.

    If a person from Africa moved to London and it started raining, Would the water avoid them and only fall on the white people? No, It would rain on everyone the same. Same with a white person in Africa. This debunks Knight_Dragon's argument. Know it's a joke again just posting for fun

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