Is water really the healthiest and purest thing for our bodies to consume?

Asked by: BitchesbeCrazay
  • Seeing as I have no other knowledge of this subject- I am looking for feedback.

    Based on earlier research I have done it has proven water to be a healthy, pure and organic drink. But with all the chemicals getting into the water and right now my area is sending out a "quarentine," about the water and to not drink it, causing more people to have to buy water bottles or jugs, I'm wondering- is water the best choice?

  • Water is fundamental for life.

    Amount of water in your body equals to almost 60% of your body mass.Water regulates nearly every aspect of your organism. It maintains a steady body temperature, it regulates the level of nutrients in your body, it flushes toxins out of your body by sweating, urinating and etc., it transports nutrients between cells...
    Even though water is necessary for life, you should avoid consuming too much water, as it can lead to disorder in level of salt and other minerals in your blood, which can cause rather undesirable problems.
    Another thing to be mentioned, a vast amount of drinking water is chlorinated and conducted through old metal or in some cases, asbestos pipes.
    A conclusion from this is that you should not avoid drinking water nor should you tend to find a replacement drink; you should regulate the consumption of water

  • Depends on the Source

    Most city water is some form of recycled water run through metal pipes build many years ago. If you are talking about any form of tap or bottled water, it stopped being just water. Both can be bad for you for different reasons. Both have chemical preservatives which can harm your body.
    I hope this should be obvious, but despite the impurity of water around you, you do still need it to live.
    Another side note, Drinking large amounts of pure water can actually flush out nutrients from your digestive track. So really, it isn't anywhere near the healthiest (pure water has no source of nutrition) or purest (especially if you live in an industrialized city) thing you can put into your body; It should be taken in moderation like everything else.
    Side side note: If you grew up where you are, you are probably used to the chemicals in your water (They are regulated anyways to stay away from dangerous zones, this is why you had a warning that went out (because they exceeded the impurity levels allotted by your county)).

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