• Waterboarding is good

    Waterboarding is bad but the greater good is all what matters
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  • Yes, Waterboarding is a painful form of torture.

    Imagine how you would feel if you drowned. Even just once. Terrifying thought isn't it?
    Then imagine yourself drowning again and again not knowing when it's going to stop.
    That's real terror.
    And that awful gut wrenching feeling of raw fear is torture with it's unmerciful repetition.
    That's my opinion.

  • Waterboarding is a form of torture

    Waterboarding is a form of torture, despite the fact that it has sometimes been characterized as "enhanced interrogation". There are many ways to retrieve vital information from an individual who is unwilling or unable to provide such information. One way which has, in some cases, proven to be an effective method, is to simulate the effect of drowning. Although this is not the classical definition of torture and may not cause permanent physical damage, it can still cause tremendous psychological trauma to the individual it is performed upon.

  • Torture is not acceptable

    Of course it is a form of torture. I served in the military for 5 years (before it became a kinder, gentler military) and methods such as waterboarding are torture. Waterboarding is illegal under international law and it was not acceptable during World War 2 so why is it OK now?

    I speak from military experience when I say that there are other/better methods to extract info from people. Once you torture someone they will tell you whatever you want to hear just to get the torture to stop. I was sleep deprived on purpose during my training in the military and I would have confessed to just about anything to get some sleep. Why risk getting bad intel when you can get good intel from other methods that do not include torture?

  • waterboarding is torture

    The act of waterboarding on someone is an act of torture and should not be condoned, unless under extreme circumstances. If they hold information that could save millions of lives, then any means necessary to get that information should be used, to include waterboarding. However, this should only be used as a last resort.

  • It is painful.

    Yes, waterboarding is a form of torture, because the person who is waterboarded thinks that they're drowning. Convincing someone that they are about to die is very traumatic for the person. Waterboarding is very involved and convinces the person that they are in grave danger. That is enough to be torture.

  • Yes, waterboarding is a form of torture.

    Waterboarding truly is a form of torture. I think that while it is a form of torture, it should still be legal. I think that it is an effective way to garner information from terrorists and enemy combatants. I think that the military and government should continue practicing it in times of war.

  • Waterboarding isn't torture

    This type of interrogation convinces the person having it done to them that they are drowning, but it does not injure them. The definition of torture is to inflict someone with PAIN as punishment, to get information, or the pleasure of the person torturing them. Waterboarding doesn't inflict pain, but instead deceives the mind. That is why I view it as not being torture.

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Rami says2015-06-04T13:51:42.607
I don't know what waterboarding is, but I guess water boarding isn't a type of surfing. Can someone explain it to me?

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