• He just is

    He had sustained success over a period of time that will be unmatched. Mario was as talented but did not have success. Just because Wayne was a forward doesn't mean he wasn't an all around player. He is much better then Howe and Orr. Crosby and Ovechkin have proven to be less solid. Mario got injured and sick so we will never know what could have been. But You have to put Wayne #1.

  • He just is

    Mario Lemeuix certainly gives "the great one" a run for his money. But when you look at the results, wayne is the best player. All of the people saying he isn't think there are experts but they are talking garbage. Gretzky had sustained success and was brilliant. He was an offensive player but just because he was a forward doesn't mean he wasn't a good all around player. Defense was not his position and he doesn't need to be penalized for it. He could of racked up a ton of points and plained well out his prime like Howe did, but he didn't need to.

  • Immortal on ice

    I didn't follow hockey back in the 80's or 90's but I would flip over the channel to watch him. Even though I knew nothing about hockey, you could tell this guy was on another level than everyone else. I am very thankful now I flipped that channel to watch the greatest ever!

  • Not The Greatest LOL

    Gretzky did not have strength, did not have great speed, did not have an athletic frame like some superstars today. He is by far the greatest with what he had and that was vision, anticipation, hockey smarts, and having the attitude of always putting the team first before himself. Even with not having what most need to be a superstar he prospered by always be smarter than his opponents. He would still dominate in todays game in his prime, hell he would still be an average player in todays game at his age now. The dude was 10 moves ahead of everybody, he knew where the puck was going to be 15 seconds before anybody could even see it coming around the boards. Flat out the smartest athlete to ever play any sport. Which makes him the greatest.

  • There is no doubt

    That Wayne is the greatest. You say he had it easy, but he made it look easy. You say he no one would touch him, do you really think the entire league decided to let themeves get embarrassed, especially in domination games? You don't let the Stanley cup and your place in history go because your facing the best hockey player ever. You say he didn't play defense, that was his coaches decision not his. And the goalies and defensive systems were not as good as today but the league existed existed for a lot longer before him than it has after him and nobody was able to put up numbers like that EVER. He is the reason that things had to change. But of course the best at anything always has the most haters. Lemieux was a classless peice of sh*t hockey player in the beginning, didn't even shake hands or wear the jersey at the draft, and mailed it in and didn't even try half of the time. Learned to to be a champ from Gretzky. Orr is the only one who can even be in the conversation with Gretzky. No could've should've or it's can factor into this. This shouldn't even be a debate. It's been everyone favorite thing to so since he retired to find a reason why he wasn't as good as he actually was

  • Lemieux isn't even in the top 3.

    Orr and Howe come after Gretzky. Some could even make an argument that Rocket Richard should be ahead of Lemieux. Titles and stats are just part of the argument in Gretzky's favor. He makes the other players around him better. No player can put the puck on the tape better than Gretzky.

  • Not the best "player"

    There's lots of misinformation about Gretzky's career in the NHL, mostly by those who insist he was unfairly over-protected. First of all, you EARN that kind of respect in the NHL, and Gretzky did. I think he was absolutely the greatest offensive player of all-time and I don't think anyone else is even close in that category. However, Gretzky and defense go together like oil and water. If you look at BOTH sides of the puck, then you have to go with Bobby Orr. He could do it all, period.

  • Gretzky is the Greatest

    We are talking the greatest meaning the best ever. The arguements for Orr and Lemieux could be legitimate "IF" their careers was not shorten. So let-s talk about the facts. The facts are he holds the most career marks and it is not even close. "IF" cannot change history. Don't let imagination change what has happened and what is reality. Don Cherry is not the Bible when it comes to the greatest player - it is Gretzky not Orr ...

  • Gretzky The Great One

    Wayne Gretzky was one of the Greatest Hockey Players to ever skate on NHL ice. He leads the NHL in points as an over all time record and he has more assists than any other player has goals. Quote "You miss 100% of the shots that you don't take" His number 99 is the only Number that has ever been retired in the History of the National Hockey League. He has had for seasons our of 20 that he scored over 200 goal in that season which is an amazing feat by itself that means 20% of his career he scored more than 200 goals which purely amazing!

  • Gretzky the great

    He is an amazaing hockey player, he could out skate, out pass, outshoot and out think every other player on and off the ice. He made multiple plays that nobody could keep up with and he was great at everything hockey. The coaches, players and crowds all loved him the most and if thats not a true hockey player I don't know what is. "You miss 100% of the shots you don't take."

  • Wayne Gretzky is not the best hockey player of all time

    Compare hockey back then to hockey now, the goalies are better, the players are better, Wayne Gretzky had little to no competition, if his prime self teleported to today, he would be an average player in the NHL. Wayne Gretzky would be trampled by guys like Sidney Crosby, Alex Ovechkin, Evgeni Malkin, or Jonathan Toews.

  • Not the best "player"

    There's lots of misinformation about Gretzky's career in the NHL, mostly by those who insist he was unfairly over-protected. First of all, you EARN that kind of respect in the NHL, and Gretzky did. I think he was absolutely the greatest offensive player of all-time and I don't think anyone else is even close in that category. However, Gretzky and defense go together like oil and water. If you look at BOTH sides of the puck, then you have to go with Bobby Orr. He could do it all, period.

  • Great but not the greatest - Orr and Lemieux were both better.

    Mario Lemieux was better offensively all around but also more well rounded in all facets of the game, as were a few others, such as Orr. I agree with others that he received special treatment and that he was not physical and not multidimensional. Mario played injured and with serious medical problems as well and still was better. Too bad he couldn't have played longer and same with Orr.

  • The game has changed to much to determine whether hes the best of all time

    I'd say that he was the best of his hockey generation. With the increase of pad sizes and the decrease of the net size, it's interesting to see how he would fare in the modern world. Yes his assist record is impressive by far, and it would be agreed by many that he would be a more than average player in the league today.

  • Hands off the Lady

    See how well his records hold up if Crosby, Ovy or even Lemieux were allowed to skate around and not get touched. If Gretzky was treated like everyone else his career would even had been shorter considering how small and frail he was. People are so blind and willfully deny that he got special treatment. Heck I could have scored many goals with the same protection as he did.

  • Orr changed the game. Stats mean nothing in a team sport. What was Wayne's plus minus? Orr's average was +80

    In all team sports a player need to play both ways. Plus minus in hockey shows that ability clearly. If a player scores 60 goals in a season but is on the ice when the other team scores 60, that player is a liability. Wayne is a great offensive player but the greatest. No chance. Youth is wasted on the young. They have film (video) on Orr watch him play. Don't just look at stats.

  • Here are Some Surprising Stats

    Gretzky is 14th on the all time list for game winning goals. And he has one overtime goal in the regular season. I wonder how many times he scored multiple goals in an Oilers romp. There is more to hockey than stats. I watched him in his prime play the Islanders in the their first Stanley Cup matchup and he did not deliver. Was he great, yes. Just don't anoint him.

  • Theres more to hockey than scoring, the best of all time must be able to do it all

    Wayne gretzky was the best scorer, but calling him the best player ever is not fair to players who do better at other aspects of hockey. In my opinion, Wayne Gretzky could only score. And theres more to hockey than scoring. I believe Orr was the best all around hockey player. Couldnt score as well as Gretzky, but Orr could hit, defend the net, fight, play defense, and forecheck, which is ALL aspects of hockey, not just one, like Gretzky.

  • No, because of expansion.

    The rapid expansion of the NHL watered down the talent pool extensively for most of the time during which Gretzky set his scoring records. Hey, he was an incredible scorer and a great talent, but when talking about the greatest player EVER, no one matches Bobby Orr. Orr is the only defenseman to ever win the scoring title and he did it twice! Orr controlled a game like no other player ever. The Bruins even tried to convert him to a foreword, but realized very quickly that from his defensive position, he could control the game in a way no foreword ever could. Not only was he a great scorer, but was able to make everyone around him better. I remember watching Orr kill off penalties almost singlehandedly. He was a fabulous skater who could rag the puck and just toy with opposing players who simply could not catch him. Imagine Orr's scoring numbers had he been able to play more than the ten years he played before his numerous knee injuries ended his career. Anyone who actually saw him play will tell you that he was the greatest of all time.

  • Gretzky was a stinky garbage bag in a landfill of trash.

    I know, I know, stats stats stats, blah blah blah. Everyone's supportive argument for Gretzky is his statistical record, but when you look at the level of quality in the NHL during his "reign" you quickly realize he was playing against bums! Most of the real skill was skating overseas and wouldn't come to the NHL shores for another decade. Along with this, the level of defensive play and goal-tending (with few exceptions) was pitiful. The only good thing Gretzky did for the game was inspire a generation of kids to say... $h&t, I can be better than that loser! Seriously, look at the generation before Gretzky and the generations after, all are brimming full of talent. Now look at his era, a total of 3 Hall of Famers and the rest were trash! Easily, the greatest player in the history of the NHL is Mario Lemieux. Hands down, end of story, debate is over before it even begins. Goodnight, god bless, try the veal, tip your waitress! I'm out!

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