• Pants On Fire

    Wayne LaPierre, the head of the National Rifle Association, is a liar. He has been caught on camera misleading the public about guns and gun issues. He has even been caught contradicting himself. In the 1990s, he stated that gun control and background checks were a great thing, and this year he has come out saying these same measures are completely unreasonable.

  • Yes He Is

    Wayne LaPierre is definitely a liar. He is always spouting off false statistics and twisting the truth in order to sound convincing. He wants people to believe that guns are not dangerous. Well, they are. They are meant to be dangerous, they are weapons. That is the whole point of them.

  • Yes, It Is His Job

    Wayne LaPierre is a liar. It is his job to lie to the American Public. He is head of a lobbying organization known as the NRA, the National Rifle Association. All he cares about is trying to persuade people that guns are good. So he often goes on TV or makes speeches saying whatever he can to lobby for his cause.

  • No, He Is Not

    Just because someone disagrees with what Wayne LaPierre believes does not mean that Wayne LaPierre is a liar. His beliefs may be controversial and against those of mainstream America, but that has never made someone a liar. To call him a liar is to use a strawman argument and cheapens the debate of gun control.

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