• Yes, He Is

    You would have to be insane to argue for the policies that he wants to argue for. Guns should not be accessible in bars and churches and hospitals and school campuses. There is just no reason to endanger our children like that. Wayne LaPierre must be insane to want to make society a more dangerous place.

  • Not Necessarily

    There is no reasonable person who would posit that Wayne LaPierre is actually suffering from debilitating mental illness. Just because someone disagrees with his beliefs and thoughts on gun rights does not mean that he is insane. To believe that is to simply use a strawman argument and to ignore the larger and rational debate about guns in the US.

  • No

    He is just a demagogue who has found a way to cash in off the fears many Americans feel about having their second amendment right taken from them. I feel he knows exactly what he is doing, and is actually quite smart in his ability to get people worked up about issues. The fact that he is smart, and very good at what he does, makes me believe he is even more dangerous than the average insane person.

  • No, he's just an a**

    He's a hypocrite (back in the 90's background checks were a great idea, now they're stupid) and an awful, disgusting human being, but he's not insane. This is not Alex Jones. Alex Jones is insane. Wayne LaPierre is fully self aware, he's just a heartless, gutless monster that cares not who he endangers.

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