• Spike Lee is part of the old guard

    Spike Lee has $40 Million. Response=invalid

    Spike Lee is a cranky old fart who perpetuates racist thinking and is anti-progressive. He sits back in his armchair and makes controversial comments that don't make any positive change for anybody, white or black. Instead of saying "Why'd it take a white family for change to happen" he could say "thank God change happened, now let's move on to solving the problem of racism" but he won't say that.

    I say screw 'em!
    The man hasn't made a great film in a decade.

  • I Think So

    I believe Spike Lee is wrong in his rant about gentrification in his neighborhoods. He associates this change with the growth in population of white people who have, shun the thought, helped make the neighborhood better, helped maintained the buildings better. Things change, neighborhoods change. The neighborhood I grew up in isn't the same, why does he expect his to stay the same. And if it's getting better and improving, what right does anyone really have to complain. If I lived in the neighborhood I wouldn't be stomping around because I felt safer and prouder about it.

  • not at all

    no, he is not wrong at all to not want this to come in to his town and place that he lives at all. It is not liked by a whole lot of people, and it has not been shown to work a whole lot in any of the towns.

  • It lost its characters.

    No, wealthy Spike Lee was not wrong to object to gentrification of his neighborhood, because gentrification tells people that there is something wrong with their neighborhood. It is unfair to tell people that their culture or lifestyle are wrong and need improving. Neighborhoods should be celebrated for their character and the things they have to offer.

  • Maintaining a standard

    Spike Lee is not wrong to object to gentrification, It is, after all, his neighborhood, and he has watched as Brooklyn has radically changed, and the culture that he grew up in is being driven out by gentrification. Just because he is wealthy and successful doesn't mean he doesn't have a stake in Brooklyn's legacy.

  • No, he is not.

    This is one of the best things that Spike Lee has ever done. It may be hypocritical and ironic because he is a wealthy man, but he is still fighting for equality within his city's limits and thinks that there should be more financial equality. I wonder if he'd be willing to pay higher taxes.

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