• If animals used for fur are treated well, the tradition of wearing fur is moral.

    Since the dawn of human life, people have used animals for their skins, along with their meat, bones and other materials. The modern fur trading industry does not threaten the species used for fur clothing. Regulation of businesses that raise animals to harvest their fur can ensure that the animals are not treated cruelly.

  • Don't Kill For Fur

    Wearing animal fur is immoral. Killing creatures of the world to benefit humans is immoral. Animals have the right to live peacefully and naturally on Earth the same as people. Humans do not rule over the animal kingdom and should not have the right to use their fur for warmth or status. How would you like to see a leopard in a human-skin jacket?

  • No, wearing fur is not moral.

    In prior generations, people needed to wear fur in order to survive the cold winter months. In most locales around the world, this no longer is necessary. As a result, fur is worn by a limited number of people who believe that it represents a status symbol. In the end, killing a living creature to enhance one's sense of status is not moral.

  • Wearing fur is not moral.

    For most of human history, wearing fur in cold climates was essential in order to keep warm and stay alive. However, the developments in technology have changed the equation. A large variety of alternate materials, including warm and attractive fake furs, are now on the market, making killing animals for clothing morally unacceptable.

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