Is wearing less clothes a slavery impost by the man dominated world?

Asked by: ajmaltk
  • Yes it does

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  • Yes it is!

    There are various interests included in any kind of sports apart from the real spirit of sports,like commercial and business interest ,interest of opposite sex,political interest etc. The western dominated sports world is an obvious example of this. Take the case of nudity of women in sports items like tennis,volley ball, athletics,gymnastics etc women can have better dress like man. But the man-dominated society cunningly presents its ideas to make the women a thing of enjoyment in a way which most of the women don't realize. That is the slavery of nudism is presented to women as RIGHT OF WOMEN. You see the right wearing clothes is questioned everyday (mostly connected with certain religions) But you never see the SLAVERY OF MAKING NAKED.It is not at all a problem even to the so called modern feminists. THIS IS THE TRAGEDY OF the present western led sports culture.

  • They Could Just Not Wear Revealing Clothes if They Didn't Want to

    Realistically, anyone should be allowed to wear whatever they want, as long as it does not interfere with the lifes of others (ie: nudity). Women playing sports are not forced by men to wear the clothes they do, they choose to. Simply assuming that men tricked them into wearing such clothes is inherently assuming that said women aren't weary enough to realize it. Also, there are several advantages to wearing lighter garments while playing sports, such as higher mobility and better ventilation. Logistically, the clothes that the women are wearing are actually better for what they are doing than what the men are wearing.

  • *strips down to the waist*

    Didn't the ancient Greeks have flat-out naked wrestling for men? Yaoi fangirls couldn't attend, for obvious reasons, mostly because females were kinda... Property back then. Point is, there was way more men's nudity in sports when misogyny was considered the norm and treated as a fact of life, and there was no tumblr circle jerk for the under-35 crowd.

  • Uh what the heck are you talking about?

    That doesn't make any sense how is sports equipment linked to slavery it cloths its the kind of things everyone wheres to stay covered and naked has nothing to do with this, where did that even come from, sports equipment is different for women than it is from men because men and women are different phycicaly

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