• Beyond what is needed.

    Censoring words, to explicit body features. Part of this we need an insight on as we grow up. If we're going to live with this, some of us will never know what it is or, how it works. We chose to search this, so why hide it? People have heard swearing enough to know that it's not bad anymore, almost everyone at a certain age catches onto a certain word that offends others. As we have built a wall of defense (no emotions) against it, nobody is furthermore bothered by this, so why is it needed to censor it?

  • Any is too far

    Any censorship is going too far. Plenty of good men and women have died for our right to speak freely and it is extremely disrespectful to their sacrifice to censor ant form of free speech. If you do not want to hear it or see it, don't look at it

  • Yes, web censorship is going too far.

    Web censorship has clearly gone too far. Nursing mothers are having pictures removed, in places where it is legal to be top less pictures are removed and even pictures of children with deformities have been censored. Web censorship makes it so that only mainstream ideas are spread and not important differing opinions that can help people question what is right and wrong.

  • Yes, it is going too far

    Everything and anything can exist on the internet. Because of this, there are always going to be harmful, illegal, and unsavory things floating around on it, even if they're confined to certain communities, websites, or access points, like the Dark Web. Many forum boards have been made that allow the freedom of any speech, even cruel and not moral. Many other places online desire to uphold a more professional image though, or want to be more accessible to the people that disapprove of the bad things, so they censor what is allowed and not. All of this is fine and is beneficial for people, whether they are repulsed by these bad things or need to utilize them in self release. However, when harmless things with merely risky or controversial ideas are being censored just to make people be quiet or listen to something a certain way, that is unfair censorship. Unfortunately, this is spreading across many websites and taking away freedom.

  • Yes, they are taking away the vital information that keeps us, the public, informed!

    So is this what we want for our future, or for the next generation to come? Don't you think if your old enough to have the responsibility to drive, make your own decisions, and think for yourself, you should have to right to pick out what you want to see on TV, on your PC screen, in your favorite novel, on your video systems and even your what your hear on your stereo? If the government and organizations like the Parents Television Council get away with the harsh rules put on our favorite things the world of reality as we know won't exist, and world of fantasy will take it's place.

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