Is weekly homework better than a monthly project?

  • Yes monthly projects are a waste

    I think monthly projects as homework is a waste. Homework should be used to make sure you understand what you learned in class. A monthly project is simply a nusiance that students put off for 3 weeks. It does not accomplish the goal of making sure students are understanding what they are learning.

  • Yes it is.

    Weekly homework is better than a monthly project for several reasons. One the monthly projects gives the students and in some cases the parents a lot of stress while a weekly homework assignment is less stress but still tests the students knowledge. It is more guaranteed to get done on time too.

  • Level out the 2.

    Part of being a successful student is being able to successfully complete a various amount of challenges. I think a good alternative if one was going to mix up homework and projects would be to perhaps cut back on the homework, assign less, and also throw in a monthly project.

  • Varied Homework Assignments Are All Important

    I do not believe weekly homework is inherently better than a monthly project. I think it is best for students to receive a variety of homework assignments with varying due dates. Monthly projects could be more in debt or simply take more time to put together. Either way, these assignments will foster a sense of responsibility as well as help the student retain the desired information.

  • No, students need to learn time management.

    No, weekly homework is not better than a monthly project, because there are lessons to be learned in both types of homework. A student needs to learn how to manage his or her time, both in the short term and in the long term. A long-term project can teach a student how to plan ahead, and how to budgt time. Short term projects teach a student how to manage time in a pinch. They are both valuable lessons.

  • I don't think so.

    As a student in the midst of high school, I can honestly say that I like projects much, much more than homework. Projects have much farther deadlines, so I can plan out my work on projects to my own convenience, but with homework, I often have to sacrifice my convenience to meet their close deadlines. Of course, with monthly projects, the results of procrastination are much worse, but that isn't a huge problem for me personally, since I am decent at time management.

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