• Yes, he is a creative genius.

    Weird Al is considered a creative genius by many. The unique singer/songwriter has spent decades creating brilliant parodies of popular songs. Weird Al has generations of followers, and he is still going strong today. His creative work should be considered brilliant, because very few artists would be able to parody such a wide variety of music.

  • Yes, he is.

    Weird Al has legions of fans and has been performing for decades because of his creative and musical genius. To this day their are stars that say that they know they have made it when they find out that Wierd Al wants to do a parody of thier song. His covers and originals have widespread appeal and are incredibly creative.

  • Yes, Weird Al is a creative genius.

    Yes, Weird Al is a creative genius. In fact, everyone is a creative genius if they use their imaginations. However, Weird Al does do many things that have granted him that status of "creative genius." His songs inspire many people and show them that they, too, can be creative and inspirational.

  • No, Weird Al is not a creative genius

    Weird Al Yankovic has made a career of copying the success of others in the music industry. He is a funny satirist and songwriter that has used the works of Michael Jackson and others as a comedy parody. He is not a genius but he has created a comedy niche by using music as a platform.

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