• Weird Al releases new album after hiatus.

    Indeed, parodist artist Weird Al Yankovic released a new album titled "Mandatory Fun." However, a better debate question may be posed as: do you consider Weird Al's latest album release to be much anticipated? I believe a majority of people do find most of his parodist material clever and entertaining. As for the rest, "haters gonna hate."

  • Weird Al is definately making a comeback

    If you look at any of the social media headlines or news outlets you will see a comment or article relating to the recent news of Weird Al coming back to the front lines. The comments that I have seen attached to these articles would suggest that people are overall excited for his return, and though it may not be long lived, He will definitely be making waves in the comming months.

  • Yes, Weird Al is making a comeback.

    Yes, Weird Al is making a comeback. His new album, Mandatory Fun, is his first since 2011 and it has been receiving generally positive reviews. The L.A. Times has called it a "stone cold masterpiece", while ABC News's Allan Raible considers the new album some of Weird Al's best work.

  • No, I don't believe his is.

    I think that it is too little too late for Weird Al. He disappeared for the longest time, and while he was gone You Tube users have taken his place. They have come up with some of the best parodies and much more creative things than he ever has. I think he will be met with a lukewarm reaction.

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