• Yes... Why suffer when they can live off Obama?

    Why would someone who barely can afford food for meals not come to America where Obama will pay them a welfare check every month that is more than a lot of hard working legal citizens earn? It teaches, primarily, Mexicans that they can cross the border and live a great life without consequences or having to work for it.

  • Yes, It Is

    It is safe to say that the attractive welfare benefits of the United States of America do in fact play a large role in immigrants coming here. If you know a safety net is already in place for you and your family, it makes the prospect of coming to America that much more attractive.

  • No, such a claim is preposterous


    Over 70% of the people on welfare are white and black, the majority of whom are American Citizens. If you examine carefully, the YES side argues with hypothetical situations, while the NO side provides concrete examples of immigrants. The assumption that one would make significant sacrifices to come to the United States just to disregard the opportunity available is questionable

  • No. Immigrants rarely use welfare.

    Most immigrants who come to the United States work very hard and pursue long hours at their jobs to make ends meet. They typically have a dream, and it does not involve collecting a government check. Although some immigrants may occasionally need the social safety net like everyone else, it is certainly not what attracts them.

  • Not really

    Most illegal immigrants do their best to fly under the radar. Immigrants here as legal residents are not allowed to avail themselves to social services. I know this because my husband is a legal resident, and to bring him here I had to sign an affidavit of support promising that he would NOT try to take any kind of government assistance. As far as I know he will not qualify for any sort of federal assistance until he becomes a citizen. Until then I am legally responsible for any costs he may incur while in the U.S. I'm not sure which immigrants do qualify for welfare payments...none that I know of.

  • Not necessarily

    While some immigrants may live off of welfare, many more simply want a better life for themselves and their families. Many of them work incredibly hard once they move to provide a better life for their children as the children grow, many more of those children become productive members of society.

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